Healthy skin is a dream of every person. In contemporary life, it is hard to have excellent skin. A lot of harmful factors influence it: food, smoking, alcohol, pollution. Moreover, some people can have an allergy in spring or in winter. Then skin can also suffer because together with some nasal or eye problem you can have a brash.

How to get the radiant skin? There are several principles that must be followed by each person. This will allow you to have a healthy look.

tips for healthy skin

Have a nutritious, fiber-rich diet.

Health begins with nutrition. Digestive problems will lead to skin diseases, so diet is very important for us. Taking the right number of minerals and vitamins, you will help yourself to maintain a healthy balance in the body. It is necessary to eat natural products: fish, nuts, white meat, cereals, and vegetables. Try to avoid processed and artificial foods. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary elements. They reduce inflammation on the skin. These substances are contained in walnuts and fish. Eat only healthy food to make your skin look well.

Drink water.

drink water for better skin

Water cleanses the body and removes toxins and waste. Our skin consists of 15% water. It is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It relieves the skin of dryness and wrinkles.

Avoid the sun.

The sun contributes to the production of vitamin D. Morning sun from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. is good forthe skin. However, avoid the sun at lunchtime. UV rays are strong enough. They damage the structure of the skin, and it can lead to cancer. Use a sunscreen cream with SPF higher than 45.

Moisturize the skin.

It is important to moisturize the body from the inside and outside. Clean your face twice a day. Use cold water for washing.

Cleanse your skin.

How to get rid of dead skin cells? You need to have a regular peeling, using natural ingredients, such as oat flakes, orange zest or coffee. It will cope with the removal of dead cells, dust, and dirt, and make the skin smooth and flawless.

Get rid of makeup before going to bed.


Makeup is an integral part of any modern woman.It is important to completely remove cosmetics from the skin of the face, lips, and eyes with a mild cleanser before bedtime. Otherwise, the pores will be closed, inflammation and acne may develop.

Leave the stress behind.

Stress hormones lead to excessive work of sweat and sebaceous glands. A warm bath and healthy sleep will help in this case. You need 7-8 hours of sleep for active mind and beauty. A visit to the Spa and swimming pool can help to relax your muscles. You can also relieve stress by yoga, listening to relaxing music, reading books.

Do physical activity.

Physical activity is necessary because aerobic exercise increases the flow of oxygen to the cells. Do some activities regularly: dancing, cycling, running, walking, anything that will make you active!

Get a daily dose of vitamin C.

healthy diet

One of the most important vitamins for health and the flawless skin is vitamin C, which helps to improve the complexion and prevent wrinkles. The regular intake of vitamin C improves collagen production, increases skin brightness, and removes age spots and pigmentation. Vitamin C increases the ability of the skin to be against the harmful effects of hard UV rays of the sun. You can find vitamin C in a lot of food: black currant, broccoli, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, lemon, and others. Vitamin C can also be consumed as a dietary supplement. It strengthens capillaries, which contributes a better transport of nutrients to cells and tissues.

By adding these changes to your lifestyle, you will look excellent for sure. These tips are perfect for a natural daily skin care. Then your body, mind, and skin will feel fresh and healthy.

Now you need to know how to care your skin properly.

Rarely anyone can boast of beautiful healthy skin that does not require any care. Usually, we systematically carry out a certain sequence of procedures to help our skin fight external influences and always remain elastic. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing are four important steps on the way to the well-groomed skin. During choosing a care system, it is important to take into account many factors such as age, skin type, season and many others.

Cleansing is the most important step in facial care. Every day we wash our face in the morning and in the evening. When choosing cleansers, it is necessary to consider the type of your skin. Do not use soap for cleansing, as it can dry the skin and disrupt its acid-base balance. Also, do not abuse aggressive cleansers. They can provoke irritation and increased salinity. Many owners of problem skin make a big mistake trying to clean the skin more often than needed. It is also believed that tap water is not suitable for cleansing the face, as it contains harmful substances that can have a detrimental effect on the skin. Special attention should be paid to removing eye makeup. The eyelids are a particularly sensitive and delicate area of the skin on the face. Use only products specifically designed to clean them. In the morning it is better to wash your face with plain water without the use of cleansers. The washing water temperature should not be too high or too low. Choose the optimal temperature that will not allow you to experience discomfort. In particular, be careful during cleansing, if you have a winter allergy.

Toning. Using a tonic, you will help the skin to get rid of those impurities that the cleanser has not coped with. The tonic will also help restore the acid-base balance and moisturize the skin. Also, it is the tool that used for tightening pores. It is important that the tonic does not contain alcohol; otherwise, you can dry your skin.

Moisturizing is the most important step in skin care. It is necessary to moisturize the skin before applying makeup. Moisturizing the skin makes it soft and protected. Forming a maintaining coating on the skin, the cream protects it from moisture loss. The main thing in the process of moisturizing is not to overdo it with a moisturizer; otherwise, you can get clogged pores as a result. Also, do not forget about the need to use eye cream, as the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive and functions differently than the rest of the skin. Pay attention to the sun protection factor of your moisturizer. Harmful exposure to sunlight is one of the main causes of wrinkles.


The older we get, the more our skin needs additional nutrition. Night nourishing cream enriches the skin with nutrients while you sleep. In the selection of nourishing products, do not buy expensive creams. It is best if you pick up one quality cream, and after 2-3 months, change it to another. The main thing is not to forget that the most effective nutrition for your skin is nutrition from the inside. Eat useful food, take vitamins, and your skin will shine with health!