Even if you don’t like it, you know Big Sean’s new song is going to get A LOT of buzz. In his latest hit “No More Interviews,” Big Sean’s warning fans not to believe in everything they hear without a confirmation, and he takes the time to address his former relationship with Naya Rivera and former friendship with Kid Cudi.

He says, “And you know the funny thing about it is my ex wanna write a tell-all/ F***ed up thing about it is she ain’t even tell all/ Like how I introduced her to meditation, positive thinking/ And the books she probably read in daily rotation.”

Addressing the beef with Kid Cudi, he says “When I put you on that song with Nas you had told me that you was forever grateful/And that we brothers, so it hurt to hit the Internet to find out that me and you don’t f*** with each other/over a miscommunication that probably could be fixed with a 5 minute conversation/I’m still praying.”

Spilling too much tea or taking the high road? You decide


Featured Image: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images