Last night was the first round of the presidential debates between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. And it was everything you thought it was going to be. Hillz came out in a red pant suit, The Donald came out as a buffoon. The most curious part of the whole debate was The Donald’s incessant sniffling throughout the whole debate.


Since the debate there have been theories being thrown around about the reason for Donald’s disgusting noise-making including Politician Howard Dean’s theory that he was on coke.

Other theories include the possibility that he was sick, he had been sniffing adderall, Hillary gave him pneumonia, he was allergic to his own bullshit. Trump had his own excuse of course he claimed that his mic was defective. Yes. That his defective mic LED HIM TO SNIFF as much as he did.

Stephen Colbert has this one all figured out though…


And let’s just end it with this.

debate recap

— Seinfeld Current Day (@Seinfeld2000) September 27, 2016