Aesop once said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  There are many small ways to give back to this world that is so much in need.  You can be helping the world by simply shopping and buying certain items from certain companies!  Here are some companies that are making a big impact for good.

31 bits

This Company’s mission statement: “Using fashion and design to empower people to rise above poverty.”

This jewelry company was started by a couple of 21 year olds with big hearts.  The passion to start this company began after one of the girls returned from a life-changing trip to Uganda.  The women she met did not have jobs or an education, but made up for that with being resourceful.  They created incredible jewelry out of posters and paper.  The founders of 31 bits had the idea to start this company and work with women in Uganda, providing them with education, jobs, therapy, and health care.  The company has now expanded to working with women in Indonesia.  This company’s jewelry is not only stunning and unique, but also provides jobs, education, and a fair work environment for women.

Their Website:

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Krochet Kids

It all started with three guys that loved to crochet.  These three college guys took trips to developing countries to grow in understanding of the global community.  Their desire is and was to, “reach out in love and to make a difference.”  These guys have taught women in Uganda and Peru how to crochet and have given them employment.  Visit Krochet Kids’ website and see their awesome fair trade products and the incredible stories of lives that have been change.

Their Website:

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India has some of the highest sex-trafficking and slavery rates in the world. The founder of Sudara took a trip to India that changed her life.  She saw the need and wanted to do something about it. The sad truth is that those who manage to escape the sex-trade have a hard time finding employment, which can lead them back to brothels.   This company is passionate about helping those sex-traffic victims in India.  This company has given employment to sex-traffic victims by teaching them how to sew.  The pajamas these women make give them hope and a life beyond what they have been through.  Check out some the PUNJAMMIES they sell on there website!

Their Website:

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One for one is the motto of Toms shoes.  If you buy a pair of Toms shoes, a shoe is given to a child in need.  If you buy their eye wear, they give sight-saving surgeries, glasses, medical treatment for those in need. If coffee is your thing, Toms Roasting Co. supports water systems in seven developing countries.

Their Website:

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Anyone and everyone can make a difference.  If you cannot get on a plane and go to the countries in need, you can always support causes and support those that go help in those countries.  Even something as simple as buying a product can change someone’s life for good.