Is your dog acting strange and has started to drool a lot? In case your furry baby does not normally drool a lot but has begun to do that everywhere, you must find out what you can do about it. After all, you can reduce drooling in dogs if you try.

Excessive drooling can become a big problem for you (a dog owner). Every time your pup goes to the water dish, he will leave a mess. And if your furry boy or girl has facial hair, it will be challenging for you to clean it up after.

Even though drooling is a part of having a dog, you may get surprised to know that there are manifold reasons behind the drool. Some reasons can be more medical than they may be a part of a natural process. Luckily, there are manners to reduce or cease the drooling so that you don’t spend most of your day cleaning up the mess. Here are some things that help you control excessive drooling in your canine.

Create a Positive Environment

Your pet may be a giant, muscular breed, but he or she is still like a child in different ways. Ensure that your environment is not stressful for your canine. Try to minimize loud noises, things that may frighten the fur baby, distressing conditions, and chaotic environments.

Foreign Objects

Once your dog begins drooling more than usual, the first thing you need to do is look inside her mouth. Examine her gums, teeth, tongue, and throat for objects like shards of bones, fragments, hooks, plants, or even a piece of cloth. Take out the object if you are confident doing so; otherwise, visit the doctor.

A Behavioural Issue with Your Pooch

In case the cause of drooling in your pet is behavioral, try settling your canine down before allowing friends or guests to enter your house. Also, if you have your dog acting strange lately, leave it in a peaceful area when you entertain your visitors. Sometimes, when your furry boy looks at guests or strangers, the frequency of drooling can increase instantly.

Keep Your Canine Cool

Short-nosed breeds, like Boston terriers, pugs, boxers, and bulldogs, are more likely to get heatstroke. These canines don’t gasp like other canines. In case you think about it, your pet wears a fur coat, even during summer, so it doesn’t take much for your pet to experience overheating.

Moreover, if your canine is stuck in the sun or runs without access to plenty of water can also suffer from extensive drooling. To avoid it, always keep fresh, clean water available for your pet. Also, ensure that there are shady places for your canine to cool off.

Additionally, on sweltering days, keep pooches indoors, limit their exercise, and never leave them in a heated up parked car. You should talk to your vet right away if you are suspicious about heat stroke; it can be risky for your beloved fur baby.

Other things to Try

It will help you if you (a dog owner) create much space for your dog to move about. The drooling will reduce if your dog gets regular interaction with folks, gets proper playtime and exercise time, and has a spot of his or her own to relax.

To sum up, all these factors can help diminish drooling in dogs. But if you find no relief in your pooch even after trying these things for some days, you should consult your vet. Drooling can sometimes be an underlying cause of a severe health concern.