There is nothing more frustrating than being tired and not being able to fall asleep. According to, 40% of people in the U.S get less than the recommended amount of sleep each night and 22% sleep poorly most nights.  Lack of sleep can significantly affect your daily life.  It can effect not only your work performance, but also your engagement in your relationships.  Here are ways to get your best night of sleep tonight!

Monitor Your Afternoon Caffeine

Your afternoon pick-me-up cup of coffee can be significantly affecting your sleep.  That caffeine may taste great, but can be blocking neurotransmitters that can cause insomnia.

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Drink Some Herbal Tea

Drinking herbal tea like Sleepy time chamomile before bed can relax your body and can act like a sedative.

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Have a Technology Curfew

Put the phone down and turn off the TV!  You are probably one of the 78% of people that uses a smartphone before going to bed, but you may not realize that the blue light that is emitted by your smartphone delays the the production of melatonin(the sleep inducing hormone).  Give yourself at least an hour of no technology before going to bed.  When you do this, you give your body time to prepare for going to bed chemically.

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Read a Book

Instead of looking at your phone, try opening a book!  Reading is a way to destress the body and relaxes the mind.  This is a great addition to a nightly routine for a better night of sleep.

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Eat Some Sleep Inducing Snacks

What you eat at dinner and before bed can make a difference when it comes to what kind of sleep you will get later that night.  Food with ingredients like nuts, honey, bananas, dairy and turkey all have sleep inducing qualities to them.

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Put Away the Wine

Contrary to the popular belief that alcohol always puts you to sleep, Nightcaps, like wine, can actually cause restless sleep.

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Keep It Cool

According to MD director of the Bory Sleep Center, Nancy Collop, “A cold temperature in your room makes you drowsy and a falling core body temperature helps you drift off faster.”  It is suggested that a temperature in the mid 60’s to low 70’s is the best temperature for a good night’s sleep.

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Turn That Fan On

Constant uninterrupted sounds, such as falling rain, are known to produce a more restful sleep.  When you are getting ready for bed pop on a fan!  The noise produced by the fan can help shut your mind off as your fall asleep and help keep your room cool

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Spray Some Lavender In Your Room

The scents of Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are natural sedatives.  Smelling lavender is known to lower your blood pressure and heart rate.  Try spraying some lavender on your pillow or try burning a lavender scented candle and blowing it out before you go to bed.

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Natural Supplements

If you are desperate for a good night of sleep, try taking the natural supplement of Melatonin.  Sometimes you just need a little boost to get your tired.  Taking melatonin is a much better option for sleeping aids, rather than some of the heavier unnatural sleeping pills on the market.

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Your sleep is vitally important.  If you are tired of tossing and turning at night, try some of these tips for a better night’s sleep.