What is Trypophobia? And Is It Real?

Yes, sort of. Although, it isn’t an officially recognized phobia, trypophobia is known as a fear of holes, more often, clusters of holes. If you are triggered by looking at the images below in this article, you’ll understand what’s felt like. And it’s ok, you aren’t alone.

Some researchers performed a spectral analysis on images, inducing trypophobia, and compared them to images of holes that didn’t trigger revulsed response to learn more about the phenomenon. Based on the results, they suggested that it’s an instinctual fear of harm from dangerous things which may share the same visual characteristics. They also found that the triggering images had a typical spectral composition: high-contrast colors in a a particular spatial distribution. They say that many dangerous animals share this look.

While not being officially recognized, trypophobia is a very real thing for some people who encounter images with holes on the Internet. Now, let’s find out if you have trypophobia by looking at the images below. If the first image grosses you out already, you may want to stop scrolling right there. It’ll get worse.


Pancake batter

what is trypophobia



coral trypophobia


Condensation on a bottle




Boiling milk

[caption id=“attachment_9121” align=“aligncenter” width=“760”]fear of small holes spiceislecafe.wordpress.com[/caption]



fear of holes



the fear of holes


Woodpecker holes

what is trypophobia


Lotus pod

lotus pod trypophobia


Marks after kneeling on frozen peas

trypophobia skin


Here are some  creative art works that’d give you nightmares


holes in skin



If you got here, then you can handle this Suriname toad



That’s it. Here are some donuts and pancakes to make you feel better.

fear of little holes

cluster of holes