People around the globe think marijuana is destructive for health. This mindset is because of the reality that authorities have limited the use of marijuana. There is no doubt that marijuana addiction can do more harm than good. But, there are several proven health benefits of marijuana that people don’t know because of the lack of information. Here are the hidden health benefits of marijuana that you should know.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a term that describes pain from conditions like nerve damage and arthritis. Chronic pain lasts longer than six months and keeps the patients irritated all the time. Common medicines to treat chronic pains like NSAIDs harm the body in the long run. But marijuana has proven to show more pain relief and no lasting side effects compared to mainstream painkillers. CBD, a primary compound in marijuana, lowers chronic pain and helps patients feel relieved.

Improves Breathing

There is a misconception that marijuana affects the lungs and makes them weak over time. People think this because of the proven side effects that result from smoking cigarettes. But, to many people’s surprise, marijuana has been shown to improve lung capacity—people who smoke pot show an increased ability to breathe correctly than those who do not smoke. There is still no proof that compounds in marijuana help the lungs. Researchers think that pot smokers’ ability to breathe better than others comes from the fact that they inhale deeply and have a grip on their inhaling and exhaling.

benefits of marijuana

Improves Your Sleep

Many pot smokers smoke it to feel better. And this is the same reason why therapists and doctors recommend people with sleep diseases to smoke marijuana. One of the significant benefits of marijuana is that it makes one feel at ease and encourages them to stay calm. People who cannot sleep properly because of trauma, anxiety, or PTSD can take measured quantities of marijuana to feel better and get the Green Relief.

Control HIV Symptoms

HIV is known to produce a lack of appetite and weight loss in patients, both of which can lead to malnutrition and death eventually. Smoking marijuana increases t Marijuana has shown positive effects to cure the weight loss symptom of HIV. But further studies are underway to establish the benefits of marijuana on decreasing the loss of appetite.

Cures Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammation in the bowels is a severe health condition that is known as inflammatory bowel disease. This disease results in abdominal pain and weight loss over time. Consumption of marijuana has shown results to cure inflammatory bowel disease over time. Marijuana is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and eases inflammation in the bowels.


People have neglected the health benefits in recent times. Indigenous people have been using this plant to cure several medical conditions in Ayurvedic medicine. Conducting more studies on the health benefits of marijuana can result in better treatment soon. But remember that overuse of marijuana can result in addiction.