This opening month for summer blockbusters promises to be dripping with delight for movie goers. This may be the most exciting year for action packed sequels and fans of comic characters. Here are some of the best releases coming this month-

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2- May 5- This mixtape of a movie is sure to delight kids and adults alike. With a baby Grut and the appearance of Star Lord’s father there is going to be comedy and action galore. But will this sequel be able to match its original and garner one billion dollars at the box office? We will soon find out!
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword- May 12- A new take on the old sword in the stone story. Will Guy Ritchie be able to lure audiences with this new and gritty perspective on the ancient legend?
  • Snatched- May 12- Amy Schumer joins Goldie Hawn for a Mother Daughter flick just in time for Mother’s Day. When this young woman’s boyfriend dumps her, she and her mother head to South America for a holiday. However, things hilariously do not go as planned.
  • Alien Covenant- May 19- The colony ship Covenant and its crew are bound for a far off planet on the other side of the galaxy. They discover what they believe is an uncharted paradise, but when they uncover a horrific threat they must escape to save their lives. [caption id=“attachment_10567” align=“alignnone” width=“760”]alien-film-header-desktop-v2-front-main-stage-760x253 20th Century Fox[/caption]
  • Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul- May 19- For kids and families this might just be an enjoyable film for this weekend as it sends the Heffley family on a road trip to attend Meemaw’s 90th birthday party.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- May 26- Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow and is joined again by Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush as he searches for the trident of Poseidon.
  • Baywatch- May 26- In this big screen remake of the television show, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron butt heads and fight a criminal plot that will potentially harm their beaches.