When it comes to your child’s smile, nothing makes a bigger difference (aside from regular dental hygiene) than your pediatric dentists and parents because it’s their job to ensure that they get the best care for their teeth as possible, and parents have to teach their kids that regular dental visits are extremely important. In this guide, we’ll tell you all about pediatric dentistry in Jacksonville to get the most and best service for your child’s pearly whites.

Keeping Happy Healthy Teeth

A child’s mouth requires a lot more care in this developmental stage more than ever, and they don’t know the right way to take care of their teeth the way we do. A lot of parents, unfortunately, don’t teach their kids regular routines, and this leads to a lot of problems as they age, from cavities to regular tooth decay and enamel deterioration. Your baby can even lose their baby teeth and have their adult teeth affected, let alone the discomfort they’ll have.

Try brushing and doing regular dental maintenance with your child. Of course, usually between the age of 1-3, you may have to do a lot of the work on their teeth and gums yourself, but if you keep up the regular routine, they’ll eventually get it. This includes dental appointments too. Make sure that you make your own regular visits and let your child come. A lot of people don’t like going to dentist offices, but they know the benefits. If you want your child’s teeth and gums to remain healthy, simply be strong. Your actions will result on their future actions.

Make Sure They Eat Healthy

As with the above comment, of course kids love candies, sodas, and sweet stuff. But too much of anything is harmful, sometimes more to them than they are to us. Be sure to do regular checks for cavities, and try to keep the sweets to a minimum. If you’re going to give them sweets, make sure they’re not loaded with sugar and are mostly natural. And don’t give this to them all day. Kids need water which can help cut the acids in their drinks and juices. Not only that, but instead of offering them a cookie more often, give them something they can eat that’s natural like fruit.

Beware of Bottle Decay

Many parents of course know not to leave a bottle in a baby’s mouth, or even a toddler when they sleep, but there is a common misconception that juice all day is okay. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and can lead to serious decay and enamel deterioration. Give your child water as mentioned above, and wean your toddler from pacifiers if they use them. If you do have times when they can have those things, make it so it will not cause problems with a child’s mouth too much. Even those “dentist” approve pacifiers can cause numerous issues and overbites.


If you’re going to find the right pediatric dental office in Jacksonville, FL, you might want to look at Farnham dental. They have years of experience, and a top quality staff that can give you and your child a fun experience when they go to the dentist (and even you too!). As a family-oriented practice, they offer literally almost every service and procedure you could possibly think of.


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