Men’s fashion has undergone significant change over the years. Men are becoming more conscious about the fashion they adopt and about the way they style themselves. A lot of men tend to pay attention to how they look and feel now as compared to older days. You can simply take a peek into the closet of any man and you will see a good combination of dark washed denims, white tees and comfy hoodies. Most men have their fashion game on point while there are many others who make no changes to their wardrobes no matter the trends in the industry. With 2019, there are new fashion trends which will help inject fresh energy into your wardrobe.

Men’s style has undergone change and this will show in 2019. Right from next-gen fabrics to wearable technology, there will be bold directions and new ways to make fashion sustainable. Here are a few trends and styles which will influence the fashion industry for all men.

The 20 year rule

This is basically an unofficial fashion rule. Everything makes a comeback in two decades which means we will be dressing like it is 1999. There is an introduction of twisted denims where the twisted sides will be wrapping around the legs. There is also a 3D knitting technology which will provide maximum comfort and will include a four way stretch. There are also numerous studded belts which are being seen on the ramp. The baggy cargo pants are everywhere and there are leather blazers which have made a comeback after a long time.

Exquisite tailoring

In recent years, not many need to suit up for work. There is tremendous change in the business attire and formal wear that men now carry. After about a century, designers believe that the formal suit needs some changes in order to raise the style game of a man. Labels are now bringing back classic tailoring and creating new styles and silhouettes. There are stylish layering options and statement suits which have made way like never before. Over the runway, there are double breasted styles and corduroy suits with metal shades. Plus, they are available in every color you can possibly think of. Well fitted, customized suits are here to stay.

Creams and whites

We believe heaven looks a lot like white and cream and fashion high players are following suit. They are including a lot of creams and whites in their summer tones. Fresh and attractive white shades are seen everywhere. It is delicate and elegant which makes it perfect for the summer sun.

Graphic prints

Instagram is a huge driving force in fashion and it is also one of the reasons why we saw big logos everywhere. The market is oversaturated with the logos and there are graphic prints in place of the same. These graphics are here to shake up the massive logos and they look refreshing and beautiful.

Extra pockets

If you are someone who needs a number of pockets for your phone, cards or keys, this year will be memorable for you. There will be many extra pockets in the military style outerwear and vests. Brands have fallen hard on technical garments and they are also introducing chest packs.


Sustainability is going to be the word in 2019. Brands are offering higher transparency in their manufacturing and destroying process. There is increasing consumer interest on this and it has forced the brands to work on this topic. Some of the biggest companies like Nike and Adidas have laid out initiatives to cut down on the environmental impact. It is expected that other brands will follow suit and consumers will be choosing brands that are sustainable and the ones which have minimal impact on the planet as compared to many others.

Sci-Fi Fashion

Fashion is indeed getting futuristic enough with fabrics from next generation and wearable technology for men. However, there are many labels who are borrowing from the ideas of sci-fi. There are utility belts and techno fabrics which have already made way on the ramp and they are popping up from some of the top designers in the industry.

V-neck jumpers

The seventies styled V-neck sweater has made a comeback with Ryan Gosling. He wore it at the First Man press tour and it has been high in demand since then. Many men were noticed wearing the V-neck jumper tucked under their suit as a casual feel and it literally took the suit game to a new level.

Robots will be your new stylists

Yes, robots are indeed coming to get our jobs. In 2019, you will see a lot of robots as your stylists. They will lead you with smart style and the changing rooms will have radio frequency identification which means it will recognize the clothes you have picked up and will make suggestions through a smart mirror. The future is going to be exceptionally stylish for men.

More accessories

Men will be investing in a lot more accessories like rings and chains. Thanks to the hip hop culture, men are more than happy to carry a stylish chain around their neck. David Chapman from Frost NYC ( says that the Miami Cuban link chain style is trending in the hip hop community due to its attention grabbing nature. Men will also be seen with a lot of wearable technology in 2019.

Heritage wear is back

Almost five years ago, the entire heritage trend had become a mania. There were quilted coats which outnumbered humans and it was soon gone in thin air. 2019 is ready for the return of heritage menswear. A lot of brands will be bringing the classics back and it is already being noticed on the ramp.

Stay away from dodgy trends

There are plenty of trends you will have to stay away from. Anything that feels like it will not get you inside the pub, stay off it. There are many trends you should stay away from like neon, short shorts and top to toe leather.

When you shop for yourself, consider the occasion and your personal style. Do not be driven by the fashion trends blindly because it could make you look like a clown. Consumers will be looking for sustainable brands in 2019 and the brands which cater to the changing fashion needs of men will be their top priority. If you are not big on logos or accessorizing, opt for simple but elegant pieces like a stainless steel watch or a silver ring. Always remember to dress for the occasion and never overdo it. 2019 is the year to be confident about your personal style and if you cannot carry it with confidence, you might never be able to show it off. Always carry the attire and accessories with confidence and remember, simplicity is the key. If a fashion trend does not meet your personal style, avoid indulging in it.

The classics never go out of style. Invest in creams and whites for the summer and get yourself a couple of custom made suits which will be ideal for any formal occasion you might be headed to. Pick a couple of stylish accessories and match them with the outfits. 2019 is the year for men’s fashion and it is time to elevate your personal style with an addition of classic and timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Now is the time to take men’s fashion wear to a whole new level.