The cool thing about crowd funding is that you get to see developers creating something that most executives have shot down because they don’t have the vision to see past the profit toward the potential of the idea. This failure is where crowdfunding comes  in and knocks it out of the park. There is nothing more cool than seeing some of those products that I always knew would be useful to have, being manifested by some ingenious inventor.

  • The Adjustable Bag- This bag transforms into three sizes and twelve configurations. The TAB is set to retail at $139.00 and has hit its funding. Check it out![embed]\[/embed\]
  • The Brilliant Pad- “The world’s first self-cleaning indoor dog potty. Ultra absorbent, eco-friendly pads refresh automatically to seal waste and lock away odor. BrilliantPad™ is hands-free for weeks at a time, then replacing pad roll is fast, easy and clean. Enjoy freedom and flexibility and improve health and hygiene.” This is set to retail for early bird funders at $99.00 plus shipping. It actually wraps up the solid waste as well as the urine.[embed]\[/embed\]
  • BlazePod- You can supercharge your workouts with energizing bursts of light. It comes with an app that will supplement your exercise challenges. The base donation will give you 2× BlazePods, 2× BlazePod Suction Cups, 2× BlazePod Straps, Blaze Bag, Charger, BlazePod app (iOS or Android), and 20 exercises for $99.00.b10a0a4afa8b2b7a5aa23966b3636da8_original
  • XPlotter- This Desktop Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver enhances your creative side by making a desktop printer style engraver. It can write in any style or alphabet. The expected retail on this product will be $529.00 depending on what package you want.                   12f8f6715ce40dd99ecfbcd6f94dc251_original
  • MicRig- This is for those SLR Digital Cameramen who have always wanted a superb mic with something to carry the camera itself. This is expected to retail for $79.95, but you can get an early bird special by donating $40.00.deef0cb4b222b001ed9d71849eacf720_original-1-601x760
  • Selfly- This phone case will attach to your phone and detach to fly like as a mini-drone. It has a camera attached and allows a superior alternative to the selfie-stick. You can get this future innovation today for $99.00.86f84d3361325ffa5d2a1083b5ea981f_original