Most people who desire to exercise always run into problems that sabotage their efforts. They join a gym and then find they are not comfortable there or that driving there takes away from their discipline and motivation. The gym is ideal for those people who are social butterflies and already in shape, but what about the individual who doesn’t fit into that system? Here are a couple of easy steps you can take to start getting in shape at home so you can bust through your “gym wall” and eventually reclaim your health and figure.

Key Exercise Program Fundamentals-

  1. Don’t overdo it!-This is crucial. There are many trainers who want to push you as hard as they can because that is how they engage in their exercising. Also, younger athletes find this appealing, but not everyone is an athlete. Furthermore, they may not have all the distractions or discipline issues that you might have getting started. Find exercises that you can do easily every day and allow them to develop. It is also difficult to balance work, home, and other important things when you are very sore, and this may cause you to give up quickly.

  2. Set reasonable goals on a padded timeline- If you want to lose weight or perform at a certain level, then be reasonable and don’t rush it. Give yourself a month before you expect to see any change. This way you can develop a routine and rhythm before you get discouraged and give up. Just because you didn’t lose 5-10 pounds in the first month doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue your exercise program. Remember the first few months are not about results, they are about implementing a new lifestyle!

  3. Always count calories with your exercise regiment- If you don’t watch your caloric intake, then you won’t feel that your workout is producing results, even if it is. This failure to do so may also cause you to relinquish in defeat.

  4. Find exercises that you like- If you hate running on the street, then don’t do it. There are many options for activities that won’t have you dreading them. Our next article will address some of these starter exercises.

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