Attention all US citizens:

Today is National Voter Registration Day and the fact of the matter is that this year’s presidential election is kind of like a life or death type of situation. Reality TV personality and “businessman” Donald Trump has somehow secured the position of being the official presidential nominee of the Republican Party. How this happened? Nobody truly knows. On the other side we have the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in the form of Hillary Clinton. Clinton has surged through to become the first female presidential nominee in US history. Donald Trump has also powered through to become the first orange-skinned presidential nominee, it is truly a great time in our nation.

In all seriousness, both candidates have displayed questionable behavior. From Clinton’s constant involvement in some sort of scandal to Trump’s utter incompetence and disreputable behavior, but when it comes down to it there IS a better choice. John Oliver explains it beautifully:


If you’ve been thinking that registering to vote is complicated and time-consuming, it is not. It is actually quite easy and you can do it online. Your options include voteplz,,, which works via SMS,, and Voting is a privilege and right and you deserve to contribute to the direction that this country will be going in. You have a voice and you must use it, the world is waiting and listening.