The busyness of life and difficult circumstances and seasons can take its toll on your relationship with your significant other, so it is vital to take care of and tend to that relationship daily.  The first four ways mentioned in Part 1 of this series to keep your relationship healthy included: putting away your phones, going on weekly dates, talking things out, and expressing your goals.  Here are even more ways to keep your relationship strong throughout all the seasons

5. Be Affectionate(Even If You Do Not Feel Like It)

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This may be a no-brainer, but the amount of affection and intimacy a couple takes part in daily drastically affects the health of their relationship.  In an article from Daily Mail, family and marriage therapist Amanda Pasciucco states that, “sex makes you happier, it lifts your endorphin levels by putting more dopamine and oxytocin into your brain.”  The level of these hormones and chemicals can determine the level of closeness, trust, and love you feel for your significant other.  If your relationship was a car, these hormones would be the fuels and oils that keep it running well and for the long run.  It does not only have to be sex, studies show that even hugging or kissing for a few seconds a few times a day can give large dosages of those bond making hormones.  Even if you do not feel like being intimate, usually once you start being physically affectionate, your desire for that activity increases in the process.  It is chemical, people.  Couples whose marriages are not healthy usually have stopped being physically affectionate.  Whether it is a hug, kiss, or sex, physical affection is one of the most practical and fun ways to keep your relationship healthy.

6. Let Your Significant Other Have Hobbies and Time To Themselves

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Although it is important to spend time together, it can also be vitally beneficial to spend time apart.  Let your significant other have their own hobbies and time to themselves, so they can really enjoy the time when they are with you.  Finding the balance with time together and time apart is extremely important in a relationship.  Too much time together can be as harmful as too much time apart.  Find that balance.

7. Put Each Other Before The Kids

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I know the title of this section may rub some people the wrong way, buy just listen to the explanation.  When kids come into the picture, most parents think that the best way to be the best parent is by putting 100% of their focus on their kids.  Unknowingly, this can be one of the sneakiest and unassuming relationship killers for you and your significant other.  What most people do not realize is that one of the best ways to be the best parent you can be is through loving your spouse.  That relationship is the foundation for your family.  Your relationship with your spouse directly affects your relationship with your kids.  Your kids are watching your relationship.  They will see what the proper way to love is by how you love each other.  They will learn how to handle disagreements by how you handle them with each other.  Putting each other before your kids does not make you a selfish or neglectful parent.  It is one of the most loving acts you can do for your children and your marriage.  Keep that foundation strong.