In contrast to the previous week, things will be calmer, and you will be more at ease in your professional life. The pressure will lessen leaving you more room for pushing your own projects forward. Your way of working might slowly change as other people will not force anything on you, but rather the path towards your required goals will be left to your own choice.

Given the position of Venus, your personal life will bring a very positive and heartwarming throwback to your past. Meeting a person that you haven’t seen in a long time is likely, especially towards the end of the week.



The steady progress towards your professional goals will bring notable satisfaction in your professional life. Your work colleagues will be rather understanding of your drive towards professional success. It is not surprising if the upcoming week will be one of the more exciting ones of the year, as your goals will seem so worthy of your work and effort.

Your personal life will bring easement of the pressure that was typical in the previous week. People will seem to be more understanding and less judging of you and your actions. Eventually the end of the week will bring a notable but rather temporary bridging of your personal and professional lives.



Things in the professional life will bring steady but significant progress towards your goals. The support from the people that matter at your workplace will still be there, and you will enjoy knowing this. Be careful, as some people might become envious of your success and drive towards higher career positions. This is to be seen from the position of Mars and Saturn, which is notable especially during the start of the week.

Personally you will be strongly convinced in the rightness of your ways, and you might even be unapologetic. Romantically things will be rather positive as there is a strong opportunity for meeting new interesting people.



In comparison to the previous week, things will be less challenging in your professional life. Your mood might even verge on boredom as you will have little to do, making your work week less interesting. Given the position of Saturn, your drive towards inventiveness might be disapproved, and the expected level of support will not materialize. Despite this, you will enjoy a feeling of tranquility to some degree.

Still keen on exploring your spiritual side, you will be going ever deeper into the quest for attaining higher levels concerning your spirituality. This will be and indeed should be a very personal thing so any form of outside advice in not necessary.



As the position of Jupiter is not changed significantly from the previous week there will be still a notable interest in your work. You will be offered a great deal, but choose your dealings carefully. The week will also see the introduction of a new method of generating income with your work. It is likely that you will be successful with this method, but you should be less certain of the promises the will be thrown at you by others.

In contrast to the previous week, things will pick up pace in your personal life. This will be rather welcomed by you, as you may have been longing for more activity in your personal life simply as a way to complement the rather active nature of your professional life.



Feeling as if you are making career history, you will give everything that you have in terms of energy and commitment to your job. The position of Saturn is such that every extra effort that you will make will be valued by your professional environment. You should make the most of this and try to push through any extra ideas and projects that you might have in addition to your regular professional tasks.

As you will be rather busy in your professional life, you will seek support and understanding from the people you care about. You will get this support most of the time, and people may start seeing you as a bit of a workaholic.



The levels of energy will still be high in your professional life. It seems as if the more people expect from you, the more you will be ready to go that extra mile to make things work and make everybody happy. The end of the week is expected to be less active, and this will bring you some much needed rest. Nevertheless the week that follows will be one of many positive happenings in your professional life.

The activity in your professional life, while intense, will still lessen enough to make some time for leisurely pursuits to happen by the end of the week. Reestablishing touch with a person from your past is also very likely.


Scorpio-watercolor-600x600Your professional life will bring new challenges which will prove demanding for you to solve, even with your natural inventiveness and intuition. You will be expected to find a miracle solution almost, but you should not despair and try to do your best. Those who really value you will understand. The middle of the week is notable for a short term but still important deal that will be made by you.

In your personal life, people will be more understanding than in the previous week, but you will have to explain yourself a lot. Things that you have thought to be accepted by your environment will turn out not to be so.



The change of the position of Saturn will bring more activity in your professional life in contrast to previous weeks, though it will be still far off from you being rather busy. The week will also be notable for you suddenly bridging your personal and the professional life as a person from your personal life will become closer professionally.

A sense of excitement characterizes the week the follows in terms of your personal life. You will be happy with the developments in your love life also. Being keen of being understood by the people you care for, you will do everything in a clear and carefully planned manner.



Still very much in a happy and content mood, you will be looking for serious, preferably long-term opportunities. Keen on not repeating the mistakes of others you will be more than willing to learn from the mistakes of the people around you. Given your methodical and planning nature, it is likely that most of your investments will turn out to be successful. This is especially so if you are willing to wait for results a bit longer than usual.

Things in your personal life will be more pleasant than the happenings in the previous week. You will get more understanding from others, but you should be wary of unfair bias against you that will still be very much present.



The professional pleasant times will continue during this week also. People will seem to want to get you known especially in relation to the work you are doing. You should try to think about investments also especially in a long-term prospective. Make the most of the income that you will get soon.

Things will be very pleasant in your personal life. The love life will bring satisfaction like rarely before. You friends will also seem to be eager to help you with any potential trouble. While well-intentioned, their attempts might simply prove to be obtrusive at times which will cause some frustration.



Being still fully under the influence of the happenings in the previous week, you will be ready for a lot of supervision in your professional life. Instead you might get much less supervision than what you had expected, leaving you free to conduct tasks according to your own ideas and concepts. Your superiors will also start to value your own unique ways of doing things like never before.

Your personal life will be less filled with activity especially when compared with the previous week. Yet you will still be able to meet a few rather interesting characters which will motivate you to move on with your own plans.