As people will become more trusting in your ability to manage the extraordinary happenings in your life, you will be glad to take on even more professional challenges in the week to come. The middle of the week may also bring a short travel related opportunity for you. This travel opportunity could open your eyes in a way in regards to the possibilities in your professional life. It is likely that great career opportunities are to come.

In your personal life a notable increase in closeness with a person from your past is likely. They will reappear in your life again, but this will mostly be the result of your own actions of approaching them. You might get far more than what you expected.



As the position of Jupiter changes you will be glad to find that activity will increase to even greater levels in your professional life. You will not be discouraged by this, but rather you will be glad that the increased level of activity will bring new opportunities for you. The middle of the week will also bring a notable increase in the demand of your work.

Your personal life and the things in it will be more relaxing in comparison to the previous week. You will be thrilled to know that some mystery about a person close to you will be solved, and their motives will be clear once again to you.



The stress put on you will ease in your professional life. You will be left moreso to your own devices, and for a change you will find this rather pleasant. Someone who has come to really appreciate your outlook on work-related projects will trust your initiative in getting things done. This week, you may also see the realization of a long standing legal agreement.

Given the position of the elements, it is likely that things will be rather pleasant in your personal life. You will gain the trust of an important person, and they will see you in a very different way.



Your professional life will see more activity than in the past week, and you might be seen as the person to go to for the solving of some major issue around your workplace. You will suddenly find yourself being the center of everyone’s attention, which might not be pleasant in itself given your cancerian nature. The end of week should however bring about the return of normality.

This week will throw you in a more reminiscing type of a mood. You will be trying to find a way to put the things that you had thought about in the past into practice. It is possible that after this week is over, some of your long held beliefs will change significantly.



You will be in the mood for finding new ways in which you can generate income with your professional work. You will look for new opportunities as well as look back at any possible missed opportunities for doing so. The week will also bring a short term but notable promotion of your work which will increase your earning possibilities.

In your personal life, things will be active, and you will be having a hard time keeping up with the demands that people will make from you. Essentially bored with all of the demands by the end of the week, you might simply opt for short term leisurely travel.



In your professional life things will slow down, but are still in for a busy working week. Throughout the whole week you may feel personally responsible to complete certain projects. The week will also see the happening of a long awaited process at your workplace. This will work in your favor especially in the long run.

Completing projects in your professional life will leave you more time to tend to matters in your personal life. You’ll likely take a step back from your “workaholic” tendencies this weekend and have some fun.



The levels of activity in your professional life will be moderate, and you will be glad about this development. It will allow you to catch your breath and consider the suitability of your plans for the future. The end of the week will bring about some legal complication regarding your work which will be resolved in a very short time frame to your greatest satisfaction.

Things in your personal life will take on a more fluid, organic quality in contrast to the happenings of the previous week. You will be asked for your opinions in a way which will please you a great deal. The middle of the week will also bring about the resolving of some curious mystery that puzzles you.



Things are expected to slow down in your professional life, considering the position of Jupiter. There is sense of discovery attached to your work. You might find the solution of a problem related to your professional life. This will be recognized by the people at your workplace as a very ingenious effort on your part. The position of Mercury also suggests that you will be offered the entrance into some form of a business partnership.

Finally, a pleasant, relaxing week is expected in your personal life. You will seem to have all of the understanding needed in terms of actions you want to take in your relationship. You might stop questioning yourself as much as you have in the past.



The pace of the things in your professional life will pick up in comparison to the previous week. People will also be more demanding of you, sometimes even disregarding your need to rest. The end of the week however will bring recognition of your increased efforts, and this will reflect in a financial manner, possibly by an increase in your pay.

The excitement of the previous week in your personal life will be present in the present week also. Other people will help you understand the social interaction between you and them. Their demands from you will not seem as weird as before.



Being confident in the soundness of the choices you had made in the previous week, you will be glad that you will be able to relax and rest during the present one. Your professional life will still demand efforts from you, but you will not be constrained or tired by them. Rather, you will feel very confident by the whole deal and be ready to take on the work.

Things will move in a positive direction in your personal life. You will get more understanding and sensibility from the people near you. The middle of the week might also bring a short term but a very intense adventure which will leave a lasting, positive impressions on you.



Things in your professional life will be fast, busy, and even hectic, judging by the positions of Saturn and Jupiter. You will however get a notable sense of satisfaction from your work and will take on the demands placed on you with a strong fervor.

In your personal life things will be very pleasant and similar in the level of activity to the previous week. The position of the elements suggests that some wisdom will be asked from you likely in the form of advice by another person.



The freedom at your workplace will continue during this week also. Not very much supervision will be present, and you might get a chance to put more of your ideas into practice. The end of the week will however bring about some assignment which will be very demanding of you. This assignment might bring a lot of credit to your name, so you should do your best.

Your personal life will bring more activity in comparison to the previous week. There is also notable but short term interplay between your personal and your professional life, which could happen by the end of the week.