There are two vulnerable populations in our society today- young children and the elderly. The safety of both is imperative. While the focus is usually on how do we keep our children safe, with numerous devices on the market today protecting them from various dangers around the home, in the vehicle and out in the world, it is also important to think about how we can keep our parents and grandparents safe while helping them to maintain their independence. It is important to note that no one plans to have an emergency, and as an individual gets older, the chances of heart attack, stroke, a fall- or that a crime will be committed against them because they are vulnerable increases.

There are alarms that vary for each level of independence, just as each person ranges in ability. Some older individuals are still very active in the community. They enjoy exercising, going to the park and driving. Therefore, products such as Sure Safe Go Anywhere Alarms are perfect for these individuals, because it allows for them to have added security that if anything should happen- a medical emergency or a fall, that emergency care is on the way to assist them.

Extra Care For The Elderly Loved One

For individuals who suffer from deteriorating bones or who have hips or knees that are becoming unreliable, there are alarms for elderly individuals that have Fall Detection sensors built in. These are great for when an individual is at home alone. If they happen to fall down the stairs, while getting out of bed, or simply while walking down the hallway, these alarms are activated and help will be sent to their location, even if they cannot get to the phone.

Making The Most Of Technology

With the increase in mobile technology and the decrease in mobile landlines, there are multiple alarms for elderly individuals that do not require landline technology. Alarms like the Talking Pendant Alarms and the Friends and Family Alarms, help increase two-way communication, allowing for an older individual to feel safe while feeling independent, without the need for a house phone. The mobile technology is wearable, allowing for individuals to communicate with responders, grandchildren, and children, all at the press of a button, allowing for convenience and easy access for those who may have issues with eyesight or with fine motor skills.

Maintaining Their Independence With Safety

The availability of new alarms for elderly individuals has allowed for them to maintain their independence, and to even allow for them to stay within their own homes and live a full, healthy lifestyle, while keeping them safe and connected to the resources that they need in case of a medical emergency such as a heart attack, stroke or fall. As they continue to get older, it is better to put precautions into place, and know that they have the ability to contact help when they need it, and the cost of these devices is affordable for most people. It is important to keep our vulnerable populations safe and connected to the outside world while encouraging them to maintain the independence that allows them to feel like they are important and contributing members to our society.