The feeling of anticipation when waiting to see who is going to be sitting next to you on your flight can be a little nerve-racking. What if you found yourself on a flight where you were sitting next to a creepy doll. Yes, like an actual doll. Sara Nović found herself in this exact situation. She boarded her plane, took her seat, and waited to see who was going to be her companion for the flight ahead. A man slid past her to take the window seat, at this point you’re like okay one down one more to go. Minutes ticked by and no one claimed the seat between them. She thought she was being blessed with a flight where she didn’t have a passenger between her and the guy in the window seat but oh was she wrong. The guy plopped down his doll in the seat and guess what he even had bought a ticket for the doll. She live tweeted the whole thing.


He had the receipts!

**... well OF COURSE.**

Then someone requested a photo of the doll.


**She finally reached her layover thinking the nightmare was over...** **And for anyone who has been dying to know the answer to the most important question about this whole ordeal...**