The start of the year will bring only a moderate level of activity in your personal life. You will still be in a way preoccupied with your past and especially with happenings lingering from the previous months. This is about to change by early April when a notable movement is to be expect in your social growth. The summer will also bring new opportunities for exploring your spiritual interests.

In the professional life the year will be very successful and rather fruitful when your career recognition is concerned. You work will be valued like rarely before so your continuously strive to make the best from this.



The very start of the year will be characterized with a notable travel which will have a notable eye opening influence on your regards to your past practices in the personal life. The middle of the summer will bring more activity in the sense of your long standing desires and expectations from your social environment.

The professional life will characterized with a strong upward movement given the position of Jupiter through the year. The autumn will bring a notable expansion in the professional life which will expand your views and indeed the expectations from your career and workplace and everything related to it.



The first month of the upcoming year will bring more or less a stale mate in your professional life. You will be stopped in a way from progressing towards your professional goals though this will be temporary and short lasting. By the middle of February things will become more conductive and your ideas will be more welcomed. This will continue throughout the whole year.

The very peculiar positions of Venus and Mercury do suggest that you will do a lot of traveling in relation to your personal life. This will be notable especially during the summer months after which the travels will subside.



The personal life will bring more stability in contrast to the previous year. You will find this to be a welcomed change. The year will allow you to be fully in control of your personal life and you will be rather pleased to know that you will mostly have the support from your closest ones for your endeavors in the professional life.

The professional life will bring more changes than in the last year. Most of these changes will be initiated by you and most of the will start and move in the right direction. The very end of the year will bring more stability and general suitability for entering into new investments.



The next year will bring significantly more dynamism in the personal life in comparison to the previous one. This will be especially evident from June onwards given the positions of the Moon and Venus. The month of September will also bring about the solution of some long standing issue in regards your heritage and inheritance.

Things in the professional life will be more dynamic and rather changing in the next year. Your work will be strong demand and you will be rather pleased due to this. This will continue throughout the second half of the year. Next year will also bring about a notable business travel during September.



The personal life in the next year will bring some rather surprising development especially during the spring months. Your beliefs about a certain basic aspect of life might change notably and this change will most likely be permanent. The positions of Venus and the Moon also suggest notable developments in your romantic life.

The career will be in a notable rise especially after April when Saturn moves in a more suitable position. In the early summer you will likely form a notable partnership with another person which will bring mutual benefit in the end. The start of this partnership will however be less than promising.



The personal life will be bringing you a lot of pleasure during the next year. This will be especially notable in the early spring when the very favorable mutual interaction of Jupiter and Venus will be in full swing. The summer will be notable for letting you explore your desires in way which has rarely happened before.

The dullness of the previous year will not repeat itself in the professional life. You will be more in touch with your management and you will more and more on the same frequency as the year will progress. The autumn will also bring strong inclusion of your ideas some process which will be rather profitable for you.



The personal life will be rather exiting but also notable for its nearly continuous throwback to the past. This will be especially notable by the late spring and at times you will feel as if you are reliving your past experiences once again. Things will however improve and you will more in line with ‘current times’ by the late summer.

The professional life will bring strong movements upward and you will be glad to know that people will finally get your strongly ambitious plans and in way leave you alone into pursuing them. Financially the year will be very positive for you.



The rather peculiar position of Mars does indicate that early in the year you will have to deal with some conflict in your personal life. You will be strongly involved in finding the solution to this conflict also. This conflict will be resolved by the end of March judging by the changing position of Mars. The year will also bring a notable amount of romantic and love adventures especially during the summer.

The professional life will be marred with far less challenges than in the previous year. You will find more understanding and less obstruction at your workplace also throughout the whole year.



The position of Jupiter does suggest that you will be fully into planning the next big steps in your personal life during next year. You will be full of confidence even to the point of other people having rather negative and skeptical attitudes towards your plans. Nothing however will be able to discourage you in any way or form.

In terms of your career, the very start of the year will bring some challenges in the way of something standing in front of your goals. You might not be able to take the straight path you had hoped for. Rather, you will need to find a go around route.



The interaction of Mercury and Jupiter does suggest a rather large amount of notable and significant travels which are about to occur early in the year. These travels will influence your  way of thinking and doing things to a significant degree. You will also learn something new and some of your long standing beliefs might need to be changed. The end of year will also bring a strong drive towards learning more about spiritual heritage.

The professional life will be more and more in the focus of your attention as the year goes by. The late summer will bring a notable amount of work but will leave you exhausted in a way.



The spiritual and the personal progress from past year will continue in the start of the next one. You will be very eager to find new ways of doing things. Ways which will be fulfilling you more and leave you in a more cheerful and positive mood. The summer will also bring notable travels which will prove to be rather significant and notable for your social progress.

The professional life will be more and more productive as the year progresses. This will be especially notable by early June which will be high point for your career during the next year. Your earnings will be also steadily rising in order to peak in early June.