Things in your professional life will bring steady but significant progress towards your goals. The support from the people that matter at your workplace will still be there, and you will enjoy knowing this. The middle of the week will bring about some set back of a temporary nature which will temporarily get your spirits down. However, the end of the week will bring the return of your enthusiasm.

Your personal life will bring a lot of changes, and you might even wish for more stability. This will be especially prominent in the first part of the week, after which you will be able in a way to take control of the situation once more.



In comparison to the previous week, things will be less challenging in your professional life. Your mood might even verge on boredom, as you will have only a few interesting tasks to accomplish. The change and the exit from this situation will be fast, and people will simply force you to make change in order to get things moving again.

Personally, you will feel as if you are not allowed to have the freedom you think you deserve to have. This will be especially prominent by the end of the week, and you might even get into a conflict over this with another close person.



Feeling as if you are making career history, you will give everything that you have in terms of energy and commitment. Everything that you will do will seem to be monumental in terms of its significance for your career. The people around you will generally go with your ideas and get along, judging by the position of Jupiter.

Your personal life will be for the most part rather pleasant as you will have the understanding of people around you for your actions. You will simply not be questioned so much as in the past. The end of the week will also bring a notable deepening of an existing friendship.



As the positions of Jupiter and Saturn change, your activity in your professional life will dwindle down. You will welcome this as finally it will allow you to rest from the hectic period which characterized the previous week. You will be glad that you will finally be relieved of a tedious and boring task in your professional life.

In your personal life, some long-awaited chain of events will occur. You will be glad as things will be moving in accordance to your plans finally. You will be also offered some sort of an entrance into a new social environment which will please you gladly.



The next week will bring a more positive, enjoyable mood in regards to your professional life and your current plans. You will see chance for putting your plans in practice, but be careful of making this public. For now, it will be best if you work in silence judging by the position of Mercury and Jupiter. People might also seem suspicious in an unfair manner about recent dealings, but you should not be concerned about this.

Personally, you will be rather relaxed knowing that your desires will be fulfilled soon. You will come to this realization independently, but your satisfaction and positivity will be obvious to all around you.



Things will become more active once again in your professional life after the previous week of relaxation. This activity will start rather suddenly as you will be called in a way to start working in a prompt manner. The end of the week will bring about some result from your work which will please both you and the people that are around you in your professional life. Expect some sort of recognition in relation to this result.

Your personal life will bring be characterized with more of an introspective mood. Unrelated to this, your romantic activity will be increased, and you will make some sort of realization about the feelings of a person that is around you.



The stability in your professional life typical for the previous week will repeat itself once again during the next week. The week will also bring about the increase of pace of some process which concerns the legal aspect of the work you are doing.

Your natural sociability will be in full swing during the next week. You will be strong and determined in your intentions of pursuing a relationship with a person you find interesting. The position of Venus suggests that you will be successful in this pursuit.



As the week starts the stress and the pressure which was the hallmark of the past week will ease down. You will be free to state you opinions once again, and you will have the time and patience to help your work colleagues that are less experienced than you. In the middle of the week, an unexpected occurrence at your work place will work in your favor. You should try to make good use of this.

Things will be easier in your personal life in comparison to the previous week. You will be rather inclined to follow your inner voice on what is right for you, and you might reject outside advice.



In contrast to the previous week, things will be calmer, and you will be more at ease in your professional life. The pressure will lessen, leaving you more room for pushing your own projects forward. Your way of working might slowly change, as other people will not force anything on you, but rather the path towards the required goals will be left to your own choice.

Still keen on exploring your spiritual side, you will be going ever deeper into the quest for attaining higher levels concerning your spirituality. This will be and indeed should be a very personal thing, so any form of outside advice in not necessary.



Dealing with the challenging situations in your professional life will leave you filled with confidence. This will even be more boosted by the apparent recognition and appraisement of the work you will be doing. The next week will also be suitable for putting forward any bold ideas about your work and workplace. Such ideas are likely to be accepted in your work environment.

Not being tired by the moderate levels of activity in your professional life, you will be looking for an outlet for your energy. You will likely try taking more of a lead in your social relations also, especially in the latter part of the week.



The large efforts which were required from you in the past will be slowly replaced with more normal demands in your professional life. You will find enjoyment in the long-awaited normal environment, being glad that you can relax and plan your steps for the future. In the middle of the week, you will be invited to a notable event which will increase your professional prospects significantly.

Your personal life will be rather enjoyable, but you should be careful of people wanting to get something from you for free in way. Be careful of your kindness not being abused especially by the end of the week.



The demands in your professional life will be again more mundane, which will bring more stability, but it might also bore you greatly. This is especially true in relation to the repetitive and dull nature of the things you will be tasked with. The end of the week will bring a notable, positive change, bringing more excitement once again.

Your personal life will be very pleasant as people will want to socialize with you in a manner which rarely has happened before. This is visible by the position of the Moon and Venus and will be especially prominent at the start of the week.