Less pressure will be put on you in your professional life in comparison to the previous week. You will be freer and people will seem to understand your need for rest and relaxation too. The middle of the week will bring some informal arrangement which will increase your responsibilities in your professional life significantly.

Your personal life will bring more activity in contrast to the previous week. This is to be seen from the positions of Venus and Jupiter which seem to interact strongly. Some long lost spiritual interest might again arise. Your thought process might be preoccupied with your spiritual development.




The slow pace in your professional life from the previous week will again be repeated in the next one. You may have a hard time accepting this new found state of status quo at your workplace. This will however have some positive benefits, as you would be able to clean up the mess that was made during the hectic period of activity in your professional life in the past times.

In your personal life you will be glad to find that people will be able to finally have their say around you. You might hear some long awaited opinions which may not be surprising to you.



Things will be slightly less interesting for you in your professional life, in comparison to the previous week. You will be bogged down by more chores which will not be something that you will enjoy greatly. Despite this, you will find the time and energy to do something rather inventive in your professional life especially in the way you do your work process.

The adventurous happenings in your personal life will repeat themselves once again during this week. You will also be reminded of the notable former success of yours as people will be looking to repeat it once again.



In your professional life, your energy levels will increase in comparison to the previous week. Due to this, you will find the whole situation more enjoyable especially where the demands at your workplace are concerned. The end of the week will also bring a notable, but short term excursion from the usual happenings in your workplace.

The next week will be rather satisfying for you in your personal life. You will meet a lot of new faces and many of them will share your views and opinions. Likely a notable, long term friendship will start during the next week. Your romantic life will also be rather rich and filled with activity.



The next week in your professional life will be a bit more stressful than the previous one. You will feel rather pressed to finish some things on time. Due to this, the stress levels will be high and by the middle of the week you will look for a way out of some assignment. The end of the week will however bring some resolution in your professional life, which put your mind at ease.

It will be rather important for you that you still have great support from the people in your personal life. It is going to be helpful, given that you will be under significant stress in your professional life.



In contrast to the previous week, things will be more dynamic in your professional life. You will have a lot of demands of speeding up your work. You will achieve this, but with speed, the quality of your work might suffer. The end of the week will be filled with notable travels connected with your personal life. These travels will be rather successful given the position that Jupiter has.

The next week will be one of notable friendships being formed in your personal life. Many people will also seek your company. On a spiritual level, you will start a long lasting quest which will eventually enrich your spiritual understanding greatly.



Your professional life will be very dynamic, but you should also expect some form of instability. The tasks ahead of you in your professional life will be rather diverse and complex, which will seem very daunting to you. Nevertheless, you will manage to be accurate and timely with your work.

Your personal life will also bring notable dynamism, which will put you in a positive mood given your naturally social character. The middle of the week will also bring short but notable travel for personal reasons.



You will be happy to know that things will return back to stability after the instability typical in the previous week. The management at your workplace will finally see the value of your work, which will make you rather happy.

Things in your personal life will be connected with the recent happenings in your romantic life. You will find that some person will keep reappearing in your personal life sometimes even against your desires which will cause you great annoyance.



The stability of the previous week in your professional life will happen once again in the next one. This will allow you to rest after the many dynamic and sometimes even hectic happenings characteristic of recent times. You’ll finally get some personal time to recuperate.

Personally you will feel the need for spending your energy. Because things at work won’t be as hectic, you will likely try to spend your excess energy on leisurely pursuits and outdoor activities.



Things will again become more dynamic in your professional life as you will forced to juggle between two projects and efforts at the same time in your workplace. This will bring a welcomed change and will allow you to put forward your inventive ideas to the forefront once again.

You will have less energy for personal pursuits in contrast to the previous week, which is not surprising given the increased demands from you in your professional life. Nevertheless you will be able to help a close friend of yours by making them a great favor.



Your professional life will become more relaxed, as things will lessen in activity in comparison to the previous week. People will simply seem far less interested in giving you tasks,which will be a welcomed change. This relaxation will however be punctured by a dramatic event which will rapidly increase the requirements from you by the end of the week.

The great sense of understanding in your professional life will continue right through the next week also. You will be more or less very happy about a development of events involving a relative of yours.



Your professional life will be characterized with you being more active, especially where breaking new ground and inventiveness is concerned. You will be more visible in a way at your workplace, which will allow you to be able to present more of your inventiveness and ideas to a wider circle of people. This will be especially notable in the second half of the week.

Your personal life will bring great amount of changes, especially in a way that will help you understand the relationship between you and another close person. They will seem to be far more understanding of your needs than you had imagined.