The week that comes will be filled with rather large and demanding challenges in your professional life. It might even be the case of you being put to the test of some sort. You will initially enjoy this, but even with your natural energetic tendencies, you will find the whole thing rather tiring. The end of the week will bring a more relaxing mood as the demands expected of you will lessen.

Your personal life will bring more experimentation, and you will be eager to try new things which you haven’t tried in the past and maybe even have dismissed. A new acquaintance is also likely to enter your life.



As far as the professional life goes, you will be filled with notable requests for your services. You might even be surprised by the sheer amount of interest in your work. The middle of the week will bring about a notable change in the sense of people finally realizing that what you do is rather worthy, and you might even be offered an increase in your pay.

Your personal life will be more calm than in the previous week, and you will be happy to know that there is ample time for you to rest and recharge yourself with energy. The week will also bring notable interests in spirituality, and you might try to increase your knowledge and experience in that realm.



In your professional life, the following week will bring notable recognition in relation to an effort you had done in the recent past. The next week will be the time for you to shine in your workplace. Make best of the occurrences that will unfold and try to promote your work as best as you can.

The pleasant happenings in your professional life will boost your mood in your personal life. This will be noticed by the people around you, and you might get some odd question regarding your new found zeal. This will be especially prominent towards the end of the week due to the position of Mercury.



As you will feel normality once again in your professional life, you will be somewhat uneasy and even bored given your natural disposition. You will be looking to expand your influence on the work process in your place of employment. You will feel as if your ideas need to be represented more and maybe even that they are somewhat sidelined in an unfair manner.

The level of social activity will remain high during this week also. You will be in full swing, meeting new interesting people which will present you ideas much worthy of your attention. This will be somewhat of a blessing for you, as you will finally after a long time meet people that have something interesting to say.



People will be more receptive of your efforts at your workplace. Even with your natural charm being not included, the true value of your work will be again appreciated. Your energy level however might be getting somewhat low, and you might feel as if you are fighting a losing battle. Despite this, towards the end of the week, you will experience a rather encouraging event which will boost your energy levels.

Things in your personal life will be relaxing, and you will be glad to find the support for your professional endeavors in people that are very dear, close friends of yours. The ending of the week will also include a surprising event that will be organized by your friends in your honor.



There will be more dynamism in your professional life in comparison to the previous week. This is especially true for first half of the week due to the position of Jupiter and Saturn. In the latter part of the week you will also be tasked with a difficult problem. However, you will not feel encumbered by it, but rather you will take a full-on approach towards its solution.

In your personal life, you will have more happenings in comparison to the previous week. However, you will not feel tired despite the rather busy and even hectic happenings in your professional life and the career.



The next week will bring a continuation of the positive mood in the professional life typical for the past week. You will enjoy knowing that people around you will be very collegial, and they will be rather cooperative when the fulfillment of your professional plans is concerned. Be careful however of hearsay which might temporarily damage your reputation in your workplace. This is especially likely to happen towards the end of the week.

The personal life will bring much more changes in comparison to the previous week. Many people will be eager to be around you which will bring some rather unexpected social contacts and new friendships.



The well founded sense of stability will continue during the next week also. You should make the best of this. Making efforts which will make you noticed by the management at your workplace is suitable especially if they are characterized with your usual inventiveness and imagination. It is also likely that you will be offered a business partnership outside of your workplace.

In contrast to the happenings in your professional life, your personal life will be very dynamic to the point of you wishing for more stability and calmness. The ending of the week will also bring the reappearance of a person from your past into your life.



The notable blandness of the previous week will not happen again in the next one. On the contrary you might have more exciting situations coming your way. The management at your workplace will also demand higher standards from you which might seem to be daunting to you. Nevertheless, you are in for a very productive and successful week in your professional life.

As things will become more active in your personal life, you will become ever happier. Especially, good feelings in you will be brought by a pleasant happening which will revolve around your closest family members.


Things will be less stable in your professional life than in the previous week. You will not have the support of the past week, and you should make your decisions carefully. You should also moderate your spending and avoid risky investments. By the end of the week, you will be more relaxed with your finances and earnings, and it seems that things will become more positive again.

The wished for stability in your personal life will manifest itself during the upcoming week. Someone around you will finally learn that they should not be close to you all the time. Indeed they will learn that you can take care of yourself just fine.



The next week will bring mostly pleasant experiences in your professional life. Your work will be valued like rarely before, and you will be glad to know that this could translate into a promotion. Your arrangements with your coworkers from a legal nature will likely change.

Your personal life will bring a very unexpected but very pleasant revelation about the nature of some arrangement which is bugging you. Your suspicions will be proven to have been unnecessary. The middle of the week will seem to be filled with strong efforts aimed at closing some open question you have with another person.



In contrast to the previous week, things will dwindle down in your professional life. It is as if people will finally realize that you need rest from your tasks. Quite taken by the relaxing mood at your workplace, you will use your spared energy to find new arrangements which will work for you in the long run in your professional life.

In contrast to the previous week, things in your personal life will intensify, and you will likely travel a lot for personal reasons and leisure. You will also likely be asked for a big favor by a person who is not a close friend towards the end of the week.