The next week will bring more diversity in your professional life and you will find yourself hard pressed to answer to all of the challenges which will be brought in front of you. You will be over tasked to some degree but you will still manage to impress everyone around you with the completeness of your work. The middle of the week will also bring some notable travel related to your work which will expand your horizons in a way.

The personal life will bring more pleasurable happenings especially when compared to the previous week. You will also explore ideas about spirituality with another person.



Still feeling quite positive due to the pleasant happenings in the professional life in the past week you will feel eager to move on with the challenges that lay in front of you. The middle of the week will also bring a notable travel which will expand your views on the current issues that you face in the professional life and career in general.

The personal life will be characterized with less activity in comparison with the previous week. You will readily welcome this as it will bring a notable relaxation. The end of this week will also leave feeling rather energetic given the position Mars assumes.



As you will feel normality once again in your professional life you will be somewhat uneasy and even bored given your naturally energetic nature. You will be looking to expand your influence on the work process in your employment place. You will feel as if your ideas need to be represented more and maybe even that they are somewhat sidelined in an unfair manner.

The level of social activity will remain high during this week also. You will be in the full swing, meeting new interesting people which will present you ideas much worthy of your attention. This will be somewhat of blessing for you as you will finally after a long time meet people that have something interesting to say.



Things in the professional life will be more dynamic than the previous week judging by the position of Jupiter. You should however not count on any outside help in your professional endeavors despite you receiving many promises. This especially true about your future plans which revolve around your workplace and your current work position.

Personally you will be more than happy to put in motion your plans about a person you are interested in. This is shown by the position of Venus and its interaction with the Moon position. You should be careful of listening outside advice a bit too much however.



The business from the previous week will still be visible during this one but you should expect easing of the level of your commitments. You are still under watch in a way from important people at your workplace so do your best and result will come. Your work colleagues will be very supportive and you can expect great cooperation from them.

The personal life will bring rediscoveries from the past but only to certain degree. You don’t want to go too deep anyway. Romantically, things are looking positive especially given the position of Venus and how it changes during the next week.



The professional life will bring less activity than in the previous week but however your will be very glad with the whole course of your work. You might see the long term value of what you will be doing very clearly. People around however will try be helpful but will only manage to let you see their different mindset and approach.

The personal life will be less restricting and some unspoken rule of the past might be broken by you to great feeling of freedom. The position of Venus also speaks of you needing to have less trust in other people especially when your own personal feelings are concerned.



Still being preoccupied with the future actions in the professional life you should be careful not to miss any opportunities in the present. Be more observant and especially be careful of sudden possibilities for short term investments which are to be seen from the position of Jupiter. The ending part of the week will also bring return to your past in regards to your professional commitments.

You are in for a very active week in terms of personal life. You will seem to strike upon likeminded people especially during the middle of the week. This will produce significant discussions which might change some of your long held opinions.



The position of Jupiter is still very suitable for thinking in long term way in terms of your career. You should try to make the best of this. Expect good support from the people around you also. The middle of the week will also bring a sudden, unexpected happening which might serve as a wakeup call in a way for you.

When the personal life in concerned you will travel less than in the previous week however expect more disagreements from the people around you especially about your time devotion to the professional life. People might even accuse your of being careerist.



In contrast to the previous week things will be calmer and you will be more at ease in your professional life. The pressure will lessen leaving you more room for pushing your own projects forward. Your way of working might slowly change as other people will not force anything on you but rather the path towards the required goals will be left to your own choice.

Given the position of Venus the personal life will bring some very positive and heartwarming throwback to the past. Meeting a person that you haven’t seen in a long time is likely especially towards the end of the week.



The steady progress towards your professional goals will bring notable satisfaction in your professional life. Your work colleagues will be rather understanding of your drive towards professional success. It is not surprising if the upcoming week will be one of the more exiting in this year as your goals will seem so worthy of your work and effort.

The personal life will bring easement of the pressure that was typical in the previous week. People will seem to be more understanding and less judging of you and your actions. Eventually the end of the week will bring a notable but rather temporary bridging of your personal and professional lives.



The position of Saturn does speak of you having large amount of opportunities ahead of you in the professional life that will happen during the upcoming week. Try to use them the best you can but you should not accept every offer with easily. Think long term and how any move will be affect your career in the future.

The personal life will bring less activity that in the past week but you will still be rather engaged socially. People will also seem interested in your approach towards some spiritual matter and it is likely that you will give some advice on this to several people.



The smooth, relaxing time in your professional life will continue during this upcoming week also. There is more dynamism to be seen by the middle of the week and it is possible that you will be offered some partnership in terms of a mutual investments. Although suspicious at first, you should accept the offer as it will genuine and honest.

As the position of Venus is very suitable, you will likely have a very pleasant week in the personal life. New romantic interest might occur especially during the middle of the week. People will simply notice your presence a lot more and this will send you in a very positive mood.