Due to the rather unusual position of Mercury and Saturn it is likely that you will travel a lot in the professional life during the upcoming week. Your line of work and the nature of the tasks you will be given will simply demand that you will be on the move constantly. This will continue right until the end of the week.

The personal life when judged by the position of Venus will be rather pleasant and will provide you with the much needed distraction and relaxation from the hectic pace which will be occurring at your workplace.



The defining term of next week in the professional life will be your own need for starting new things. You might willingly accept new things and new ways of work which will be unusual given your Taurean nature. The end of the week will also bring a notable challenge which you will need to overcome in order to progress with your professional tasks.

The personal life will bring back a feeling of rediscovery about your own social environment. You might be puzzled by the way people interact both with each other and with you. You might also be driven to find new knowledge on social connections around you.



Right as in the previous period you will be caught in the spirit of change during this week also. You will be determined to change your ways of doing towards greater efficiency. This will be welcomed and shunned by different people but your resolution will be strong to continue with the change. The middle of the week will bring some agreement that you hope for.

The personal life will finally catch up with the changes in your professional life and things will start to move dynamically once again. If you are in a relationship expect some new ground to be broken.



The next week will bring rather notable stability in your professional life. You might even feel as things will be getting rather dull and boring but rest assured bigger things will happen out of your sight. Your new found likeness for novelty and change will be better appreciated and on a wider scale than in the past. The start of week will also bring short, but rather notable travel which will leave in happy mood in regards to your future professional prospects.

The personal life will be more subdued but still you will have enough activity for your emotional perception to intensify beyond its usual levels.



The position of Jupiter is such that things in your professional life will be moving a great pace. You will present, spread and even invent new ideas which will bring you success and recognition. Expect warm reception of your ideas and concepts as the position of Mercury is positive for such things. This is especially true for the latter part of the week.

The personal life and the happenings in it will be somewhat sidelined given the sheer level of activity which will be happening in your professional life and career. Despite this you will be eager to progress the relationship with some person to the next level.



The rather odd but useful occurrences in the professional life of the previous week will diminish during this one and you will find yourself again thrown in the normality of your workplace. Thing will be more relaxed and it’s likely that you will have the energy to again start with some side projects which were in the focus of your attention in the past.

In the personal life things will be more uneasy from you as you will feel a lot pressure being put on your. You might be accused of being uninterested in some commitment in rather unfair manner. You will still have the support from your closest relatives however.



In the professional life you will still be in the experimental mood that typical for the previous week. People might even get used to this so much that it might become a trademark of yours in way. Superiors at you workplace like rarely before, will have understanding for your enthusiasm. You should try to make the best of this as this period is unlikely to repeat itself soon.

Personally you will find that people will be less understanding of your experimental attitudes. They will not be mean however. You should simply be ready for getting less understanding than what you had hoped for.



The scope of the professional activities will lessen in your professional life in comparison to your previous working week. People will simply be less interested in seeing you reach your limits of what you can do at your workplace. There also will be some closing of a professional deal which will bring you some advantage in your career.

In the personal life you will still be in touch with people from your past. You will simply try to get away from them by the end of the week but things might not work out in your favor. Socially the week will be great. Your social activities will be at a high level.



The next week will bring mostly pleasant experiences in the professional life. Your work will be valued like rarely before and you will be glad to know that this will be translated into an increase in your pay. Your arrangements with your coworkers from a legal nature will likely change. You will finally get a legal recognition supporting your recent enormous efforts.

Your personal life will bring a very unexpected but very pleasant revelation about the nature of some arrangement which is bugging you. Your suspicions will be proven to have been unnecessary. The middle of the week will seem to be filled with strong efforts aimed at closing some open question you have with another person.



The next week will still be rather busy for you. You will very eager to start new things and by the end of the week you might even have way to much stuff going on at same time for you to successfully deal with it all. The week will also see the realization of contract of some sort which will increase your bargaining position in way especially in relation to your pay and earnings.

Things will be very pleasant in the personal life. Of all the things that will be had by you, the support given for your professional endeavors will mean a lot to you. This will push you to start work even more than usual.



The next week will bring even more ease in the professional life than the previous one. People will seem to be very happy with your actions. In addition given the position of Jupiter and Saturn notable and rather rapid progress in the recognition of recent professional efforts is about to occur. This is especially true for the second half of the next week.

The personal life will be rather pleasant especially when the support of the relatives around is concerned. Despite this, you will likely be disappointed by the choices close friend, which will happen in rather sudden and unexpected manner.



Dealing with the challenging situations in our professional life will leave you filled with confidence. This will even be more boosted by the apparent irreplaceable nature of the work you will be doing. The end of the week will also bring some legal victory in a way that will be broadly connected with the professional life and career.

The personal life will bring notable success in the way of you presenting some ideas about your spirituality to a wider circle of people. You will get a notable amount of admirers due to this. However some might simply criticize your positions, especially those people coming from a more traditional background.