The upcoming week will bring a tremendous level of activity in your professional life. You will be rather tired by the end of the week despite your naturally high levels of energy. Your dedication to the work ahead will however not go unnoticed. It’s likely that you will have rather notable recognition for your efforts that will bring a long term benefit to you.

The rather intense happenings in your professional life will leave you little time and energy for activities in your personal life. Nevertheless, the position of Mercury and its change suggests that you will have notable travel due to personal reasons and leisure towards the end of the week.



The following week will be rather challenging for you in your professional life. People will expect a lot from you, but you will not have your usual energy levels, and you will find the whole experience rather tiring. Despite this, the week will bring some notable professional successes, especially where long-term recognition of your work is concerned.

In contrast to the happenings in your professional life, in the personal life, things will be more satisfying, and people will have more pleasant reactions to your actions. You can also expect for a deepening of a certain friendship to occur in a rather rapid manner.



As things will settle in your professional life, you will experience less activity this week than in the previous week. This will be rather welcomed by you, as it will finally allow you to rest and recuperate from the increased level of professional activity in the previous week. The chart also does suggest that some form of legal agreement will be reached between you and a work colleague of yours.

The pleasant times will continue in your personal life which is to be seen from the position of the Moon and the position of Venus. The position of Mercury also does suggest that you will have a notably increased level of communication in your personal life.



Your professional life will bring new challenges which will prove difficult for you to solve, even with your natural inventiveness and intuition. You will be expected to find a miracle solution almost, but you should not despair and try to do your best. Those who really value you will understand. The middle of the week will be notable for short-term but still important deal that will be made by you.

In your personal life, people will be more understanding than in the previous week, but you will have to explain yourself a lot. Things that you have thought to be accepted by your environment will turn out not to be so.



Still very much in an amiable mood, you will be looking for serious, preferably long-term opportunities in terms of your career. Keen on not repeating the mistakes of others, you will be more than willing to learn from the mistakes of the people around you. Given your methodical and planning nature, it is likely that most of your investments will turn out to be successful. This is especially so if you a willing to wait for results a bit longer than usual.

Things in the personal life will be more pleasant than the happenings in the previous week. You will get more understanding, but you should be wary of unfair bias against you that may still be present.



Things will slow down in your professional life, and you will have little interesting tasks to perform. You will still be tasked with mundane chores which will not bring pleasant feelings in you. The very end of the week will however bring about a positive turn of events, which will set in motion a long-term arrangement. This arrangement will be rather useful to you especially in the longer run.

The positive romantic developments of the previous week will continue in the next one also. You will have good success in meeting romantically interesting people, and it’s not surprising if the next week will bring a start of a passionate romantic relationship.



The well-founded sense of stability will continue during the next week also. You should make the best of this. Making efforts which will make you noticed by the management at your workplace is suitable, especially if they are characterized with your usual inventiveness and imagination. It is also likely that you will be offered a business partnership outside of your workplace.

In contrast to the happenings in the professional life, your personal life will be very dynamic to the point of you wishing more stability and calmness. The ending of the week will also bring the reappearance of a person from your past in your life.



The next week will bring rather notable stability in your professional life. You might even feel as though things are getting rather dull and boring, but rest assured bigger things will start happening shortly. Your new found likeness for novelty and change will be better appreciated and on a wider scale than in the past. The start of week will also bring short, but rather notable travel which will leave you in a happy mood in regards to your future professional prospects.

Your personal life will be more subdued, but you will still have enough activity for your emotional perception to intensify beyond its usual levels.



The abundance of tasks in your professional life will ease off in a gradual manner in contrast to the previous week. You will be relaxed, and you will finally get the rest you need desperately. Given the position of Jupiter, some rather lucrative proposal will be made to you, but be careful consider whether this proposal truly benefits both parties involved.

Personally you will finally have time to make plans for the travel that you had wanted for so long. Your emotional store of energy will be rather balanced, which will leave you in a rather happy and positive mood.



A sense of freedom will characterize the next week in relation to your professional life. You will be rather pleased to be free to make any new arrangements you see fit. There is also a notable reinvention and relearning process that will occur. You will see that your past ways weren’t always effective at getting what you had wanted. Coming to these new conclusions will have you eager to put these new rules into practice.

Personally you will be rather proud of the accomplishments that you will make throughout the week. You will find out that your activities have unwittingly helped others in a rather great way.



As things will still be in a positive light from the previous week, it can be said that you are in for pleasant period in your career. Your work and efforts will be recognized and rightly so. No one will be able to deny this, and you will likely fill a bright page in your resume. The end of the week will also bring good financial dealings which will prove their worth on a longer term basis.

Personally you will be glad to have the freedom you had longed for. At last, the week that follows will bring you truly great times in terms of relaxation and rest.



Things will return back to normal in your professional life after the increase of activity that was notable in the previous week. You will glad for this development, as you will finally get the chance to catch your breath. Generally, the time is good for putting large-scale plans into motion, as both Jupiter and Saturn take a very suitable position during the upcoming week.

Personally you are in for a week which will boost your self confidence. You will be commented on in a positive manner by those around you, in regards to your recently regained levels of self confidence. Be careful, however, of strong negativity that one person might radiate towards you.