Your professional life will bring less activity than in the previous week, but you will be very glad with the whole course of your work. You might see the long term value of what you will be doing very clearly. People around you, however, will try be helpful but will only manage to let you see their different mindset and approach.

Your personal life will be less restricting and some unspoken rule of the past might be broken by you, bringing about a great feeling of freedom. The position of Venus also speaks of you needing to have less trust in other people especially when your own personal feelings are concerned.



In comparison to the previous week, you will see more activity during this one. People will seem eager to task you with all kinds of different obligations. This will be especially prevalent by the middle of the week which is shown by the positions of Jupiter and Saturn. The ending part of the week will however bring more relaxation, and you will be able to rest.

Your personal life will be characterized by more understanding, which people will seem to have for you and your efforts. The position of the Moon is such which suggests an emotionally moving latter part of the week.



Still being preoccupied with the future actions in your professional life, you should be careful not to miss any opportunities in the present. Be more observant and especially be careful of sudden possibilities for short term investments which may make themselves prevalent, judging by the position of Jupiter. The ending part of the week will also bring return to your past in regards to your professional commitments.

You are in for a very active week in terms of your personal life. You are likely to meet like-minded people, especially during the middle of the week. This will produce significant discussions which might change some of your longheld opinions.



Although people will seem less understanding of your professional endeavors and choices, you will still be in a full swing professionally and will be eager to try new ideas and new paths to attain professional success. The easiness of the previous week will however not return, and you will be left to fight for independence alone.

Being more focused on the happenings in your professional life, you will be less inclined to follow your inner voices especially when compared with the previous week. Despite this, people will seem to have much understanding for your emotional state and your behavior in your personal life.


Things will slow down in your professional life as you will have only a few interesting tasks to do. You will still be tasked with mundane chores which will not bring about pleasant feelings in you. The very end of the week will however bring about a positive turn of events which will set in motion a long-term arrangement. This arrangement may be rather useful to you, especially in terms of furthering your career.

The positive romantic developments of the previous week will continue into the next one also. You will have good success in meeting romantically interesting people, and it’s not surprising if the next week will bring a start of a passionate romantic relationship.



The position of Jupiter is still very suitable for thinking in a long-term way, in terms of your career. You should try to make the best of this. Expect good support from the people around you also. The middle of the week will also bring a sudden, unexpected happening which might serve as a wakeup call in a way for you.

When your personal life in concerned, you will travel less than in the previous week. However, expect more disagreements from the people around you especially about your time devotion to your professional life. People might even accuse you of being a careerist.



The well founded sense of stability will continue during this week also. You should make the best of this. Making efforts which will make you noticed by the management at your workplace is suitable especially if they are characterized with your usual inventiveness and imagination. It is also likely that you will be offered a business partnership outside of your workplace.

In contrast to the happenings in your professional life, your personal life will be very dynamic to the point of you actually wishing for more stability and calmness. The ending of the week will also bring the reappearance of a person from your past into your life.



In comparison to the previous week, the level of activity in your professional life will decrease. You will welcome this, especially when you will realize that this will not bring lessening of your earnings. Due to the position of Mercury, it is also likely that you will have a notable work and business related travel experience which will bring good success, especially in the long-term perspective.

Things in your personal life will be more dynamic in comparison to the previous week. You will be thrilled to understand a mystery about another person that has puzzled you for a long time. The position of Jupiter also does suggest some increase in your thoughts about spirituality.



The very large level of professional activity will be sustained during the upcoming week also. Your naturally high level of activity will come to your help, however, and you will not find the whole process to be tiring. Expect also to receive some formal document which will entitle you to something at your workplace.

Personally you will feel as if you have little time to devote yourself to the people around you. This is not surprising, given the level of activity in your professional life. Nevertheless you will still be eager to spend some time outside in natural settings due to being invited by a friend.



The upcoming week will bring more questions than the previous one. You will not be so confident when compared to past times. Despite this, you will continue to pursue your goals with steady pace. This is shown by the position of Saturn. The very end of the week will bring about a notable, dynamic excursion from this smoothness.

In your personal life, you will be grateful for the support that you will get from your family and friends. This will mean a lot to you and despite your independent nature, you will come to realize that you can’t really do everything yourself and that outside support is very important.



Still enjoying in the moderate tempo of work at your workplace, you will look for new ways to spend your creative energy. Be careful of being a bit too hopeful that you will get understanding from your superiors. It is best if you keep your ideas for some better times. The end of the week may bring about some advisement deal outside your usual work which could be profitable.

Your personal life will bring many activities as well as many new adventures. You will enjoy this, as it will provide you with an outlet for your energy which you may not have in your professional life.



The good level of activity will continue in your professional life. You will still be under much less supervision than what is usual. You should use your imagination and try to integrate it in your work process as you will indeed be free to do so, as rarely before. Given the position of Jupiter, it is likely that your superiors will be very accepting of any imaginative suggestions of yours.

You will see more activity in the personal life in comparisons to the previous week. People will also seem to be far more understanding of your emotional needs, and you shouldn’t worry about being misunderstood emotionally, given the position of the Moon.