Things in your professional life will be more dynamic than the previous week, judging by the position of Jupiter. You should however not count on any outside help in your professional endeavors despite you receiving many promises. This is especially true about your future plans which revolve around your workplace and your current work position.

Personally you will be more than happy to put in motion your plans about a person you are interested in. This is shown by the position of Venus and its interaction with the Moon’s position. You should be careful of listening to outside advice a bit too much however.



After the hectic previous week, things will slow down in your professional life, and you will welcome this as rarely before. After the good earnings of the previous week, you will be happy to ease down on the scope of your professional activities also. In line with this, people will demand less from you. The end of the week will bring short but successful business travel.

The easing of things in your professional life will leave more time to devote yourself to your personal needs. People will also be happy to go along with you on this, and it is possible that by the middle of the week some misunderstanding of the past times will be solved by you in a graceful manner.



After the changing nature of your professional life in the past week, things will be more calm in the next one. You will have a lot time to reconsider your future moves as things will be very static at your workplace, bordering on boredom. Nevertheless you will still be regarded as the person to go to for solving a problem at the workplace towards the end of the working week.

In your personal life, the innate social skills that you possess will be put to good use as you will be meeting a lot of new faces. New developments in the romantic domain are also likely given the position of Venus.



The feeling of progress from the past week will continue into the next one. You will have great reassurance from the people around you in your professional workplace, and this will mean a lot to you. The middle of the week will also see the happening of short-term but very positive professional cooperation with another person from whom you will learn a lot.

Still inclined to follow your inner voice, you will happy to know that people will leave you room to breathe . Be careful however of being a bit too inconsiderate of the needs of those around you.



Business arrangements made the previous week could still be highly important during this one, but you should expect easing of the level of your commitments. You are still under watch in way from important people at your workplace so do your best, and results will come. Your work colleagues will be very supportive, and you can expect great cooperation from them.

Your personal life will bring rediscoveries from the past but only to a certain degree. You don’t want to go too deep anyway. Romantically, things are looking positive especially given the position of Venus and how it changes during the next week.



In your professional life people will be less keen to give you critiques in a negative way which will mean a lot to you. You might also want to put large plans in motion (if you have them) during the next week as the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are very suitable for this. Expect a lot of support also like you rarely have had in the past.

Your personal life will bring a lot of traveling similar to the past week. Many, short term travels are likely which will be due to your own personal reasons. The end of the week will see the happening of an informal agreement between you and another person, which you can expect to learn a lesson from.



Your professional life will be more stable in comparison to the previous week. You will have much fewer surprising events happening in comparison to the previous week, and you will for a change enjoy this. You will also be asked for your opinion much more, and you will get the impression of your opinions being valued much more than in the past.

In your personal life, your activities will increase, but you should not expect great surprises. Things will go smoothly, and for the most part you will be able to recognize the next moves from the people that are around you.



The high level of activity will also continue in the upcoming week. You will happy to know that people will be able to finally get your ideas, which were likely seen as being off beat in the past. Nevertheless you should be able to push your ideas through without much difficulties. Be careful however of being seen as being not collegial enough.

The quite harmonious happenings from the previous week will in a way repeat themselves in the next one. You will simply have the understanding of the people around you, and you will be so glad about this especially towards the middle of the week.



The boredom from the previous week will be gone right after the start of the next week. You will be tasked with a number of things, some of which might be outside the scope of your usual dealings. Nevertheless your naturally large amount of energy will come to your help, and you will be able to deal with the increased workload very gracefully.

Your personal life will be characterized with stability, and the next week is suitable for putting any large scale plans into motion. This is to be seen from the suitable position of Jupiter and Venus. Also it is likely that you will be told a surprising secret in the middle of the week.



The confidence you experienced in your professional life in the past week will serve you during the next week also. You will have a free road ahead of you in terms of the professional work you will be doing. This will rarely happen in the future so you should use it to the max.

Although things will be far from static in your personal life, you will not see a level of dynamism that was typical in your personal life in the past week. You will be bored with a particular request which people will have for you over and over again.



Your professional life will bring the long awaited lessening of activities. You will be relieved of a number of tedious tasks in your workplace, much to your satisfaction. As the position of Jupiter is highly suitable, making long-term investments during the upcoming week is very desirable.

Things will start to move again in your personal life after the calm of the previous week. Judging from the position of Venus you will be a part of many social gatherings during the next week. People will simply adore your presence.



You will once again feel the freedom in your professional life after the increased supervision of the previous week. You will find this to be a welcomed change. The middle of the week will also set in motion a very dynamic set of events which will culminate with you being recognized for your efforts in recent times. This is especially true in relation to your initiative and the inventiveness of your past work.

Your personal life will bring less activity than the previous week, but this does not mean that you will feel bored in any way. The ending of the week will bring notable travel, which will expand your views greatly especially when your approach to other people is concerned.