As the position of Jupiter and Saturn becomes more conductive, you will be thrilled with the amount of attention that you will receive at your workplace. The attention will bring confirmation of the rightness of the steps that you have taken recently in your career. The week will also bring a notable trade opportunity for your own personal items which seem to be long awaited by you.

Your personal life will bring a moderate level of activity, and you will be more focused making everything work in your professional life and the above mentioned trade opportunities.



Things in the workplace will become more heated up in contrast to the previous week, and this will be evident right from the start of the week. Things will not be easy, but you will find a rather nice way to cope with everything. Your natural hardworking tendencies will come to full prominence as you will be tasked with so much more than what is usual.

In your personal life, your social activities will intensify in a manner similar to the activities in your professional life. This will also bring a notable increase in the number of people that you will know as having similar tendencies and inclinations to yours.



As you will be more and more engaged with your professional tasks, you will start to feel the burden on your shoulders even more. This will be especially notable towards the middle of the week which is to be seen from the unfavorable position of Saturn. Very swiftly things will change in the positive direction towards the end of the week. You will somehow be relieved from the rather unreasonable demands that will be placed upon you.

Your personal life will be characterized with smooth happenings and notable support that will come from your friends and family for your professional projects.



The next week will bring a lot of surprises in your professional life. This will be especially true for the start of the week, which is to bring a notable, surprising turn of events in your professional life. Things however will soon calm down which is to be seen from the change of the positions of Jupiter and Saturn.

Your personal life will be very pleasant during the next week. This is to be seen from the change of positions of both Venus and the Moon. Things in your love life will take on more dynamic qualities.



In contrast to the previous week, the next one will bring much increased levels of professional activity. You will be so thrown in the challenging situations at your workplace that by the end of the week you will perceive the whole thing to be routine. The week will also bring some clear and long standing resolution to a problem connected with your career.

The pleasant times in your personal life will continue in the next week also. You will be glad to also hear rather good news for a close friend of yours and their successes in their social life. The position of Venus does also suggest that you will have a notable, but short lasting adventure.



In comparison to the previous week, it can be seen that you will be less busy and also more relaxed in the tasks you will be doing. Be careful of negative energy and discord appearing in your workplace due to several factors which will be beyond your control. You will want to make everything work again with positivity, but be careful of spending too much energy on this.

The position of Venus suggests mostly pleasant happenings in your life but also that you will be told a secret by a very close friend. The end of the week will also bring notable travel which will be undertaken for personal reasons.



The professional life will bring more sedate happenings, but the time will be suitable for making professional moves with long term consequences. Luck will follow you and you should not shy away from optimistic expectations. The week will also bring slow but sure progress in a major, long-term professional project which will bring you renown.

Your personal life will bring more changes in comparison to the previous week. People will seem to follow your moves much more carefully to the point of your getting a feeling of being supervised unfairly. This will especially be notable in the start of the week.



After the changing nature of the professional life in the past week things will be more sedate in the next one. You will have a lot time to reconsider your future moves as things will be very static at your workplace bordering on boredom. Nevertheless your professional expertise and especially professional knowledge will be still highly regarded which will provide you with a big boost in your confidence.

In the personal life, the innate social skills that you posses will be put to good use as you will be meeting a lot of new faces. New developments in the romantic domain are also likely given the position of Venus.



Your professional life will bring a long awaited lessening of activities. You will be relieved of a number of tedious tasks in your workplace much to your satisfaction. When it comes to investments, you may want to aim for long term profit and make your moves accordingly.

Things will start to move again in your personal life after the calm of the previous week. Judging from the position of Venus, you will be part of many social gatherings during the next week. People will simply adore your presence.



Your efforts at integration in your current professional environment will gain more momentum as time goes by. You will be recognized in the eyes of the right people, and you will be rather happy about this. The position of Jupiter and Saturn does also suggest that some rather significant responsibility related to your work will be accepted by you by the end of the week.

Your personal life will bring more activity in contrast to the previous week, but you will need to be careful not to be too accepting of other people’s requests for you. Be statelier with your own intentions and interests and don’t compromise them as often.



The position of Venus will still strongly influence your personal life and some deepening of an already existing relationship might still occur. Be careful of expecting too much from other people as it seems that they will not live up to your expectations. The end of the week will be more pleasant, and you will find a nice way of stating your concerns to a person whose actions have worried you for a long time.

The upcoming week will bring some reward in regards to your career efforts and activities which had happened recently. It seems as if finally you will able to enjoy the benefits of the frantic work that had occurred in the recent past.



In your professional life the following week will bring notable recognition in relation to an effort you had done in the recent past. The next week will be the time for you to shine in your professional life. Make best of the occurrences that will unfold and try to promote your work as best as you can.

The pleasant happenings in your professional life will boost your mood in your personal life. This will be noticed by the people around you, and you might get some odd question regarding your new found zeal. This will be especially prominent towards the end of the week due to the position of Mercury.