The week that follows will bring more challenges in your professional life. Many people around you will seem to have a task for you to do. Despite your naturally high energy levels, you will feel tired by the end of the week. You will however be noticed for your energy levels, stamina, and patience in the dealing with the tasks that will be ahead of you.

Your personal life will bring a more positive atmosphere, and you will be glad to learn that people will finally be able to understand your approach towards a certain issue in your life in the right manner. The week will also bring a notable but rather short travel opportunity.



Your professional life will bring a rather surprising turn of events, given the positions of Jupiter and Saturn. This will be a notable change of events when compared to the rather leisurely pace in your professional life in the past few weeks. The middle of the week will also bring a very short yet very notable business travel opportunity, which will open your eyes in a way in regards to the way things are positioned in your workplace.

The level of activity will remain high in your personal life, as the position of Venus is still rather positive. This can also bring about new romantic developments.



The position of Saturn does suggest that some notable and rather important decisions will have to be made in your professional life by you in the next week. You will be feeling rather pressed to come up with a decision which will seem rather monumental to you. You might feel as the whole process will be rushed in a way.

In your personal life, you will receive notable support from your closest friends and family members, which will be rather important to you, given the rather pressing way in which things will be happening in your professional life. The very end of the week will also have you setting some important personal goal which you have had on your mind for a very long time.



Things in your professional life will still be rather positive. You will have the freedom to do things your own way, like you have had rarely before. This will bring some notable challenges for you, but as the position of Saturn might suggest, you will be somewhat indecisive about the whole deal. Things however will change by the end of the week, and you will start to feel more reassured.

Your personal life will bring a notable lessening of activity in comparison to the previous week. You will seem to have less to do, and you will somehow find a way of accepting this new found peace in a way.



The next week will bring more and more activity to the point of you feeling to be engaged fully in your professional life. The management at your workplace will also seem keen on being rather ‘pushy’ towards you. Even with your natural level of energy, you might have a hard time keeping everyone pleased in your workplace.

The position of Venus on your chart does suggest that you will have a personal life that will be filled with a lot of activity this week. You might have a notable discovery in regards to a person that you have recently met. They might seem to be much more similar to you than you may have thought.



The next week will bring rather positive developments in your professional life as you will be seeking for new challenges, and indeed management will in a way recognize your new found zeal. Always neat in the way you do things, you will try to do the best you can with the tasks you will be given. The end of the week will bring about some new agreement between you and your management in the level of your responsibilities.

The personal life will be filled with new challenges as you will be forced to prove something to a person that you respect a lot. The pressure may seem overwhelming, but it is likely you will be happy with the results.



The next week will bring a slow but notable progress towards your goals in your professional life. You might feel as if things are moving way too slowly, but rest assured, given the position of Jupiter, you are making progress. You might start to question your overall direction however, and the next week will bring some suspicions about whether you had chosen the right path towards your goals.

In the personal life, you will be inclined to explore your spirituality to a greater level than before. You will be in a way entranced by new thinking which will come from your own process of self discovery.



The level of professional activity will lessen and the demands that will be placed on you will ease. You should not relax completely however, as you will be still under supervision in a sense. It seems as if a lot of people will be interested in the methods of your work. The end of week will bring about the signing of some legal document that will expand the possibilities for professional advancement.

Your personal life will bring a lot of activity as evidenced by the positions of the Moon and the position of Mercury. Notable travel is likely, especially a trip which will expand your views and approach towards common, everyday tasks.



In comparison to the previous week, things will be less changing in your professional life. Your mood might even verge on boredom as you will have little interesting to do. The change and the exit from this situation will be fast however, and people will simply force you to make change in order to get things moving again. It is possible that your earnings will also increase, especially by the end of the week.

Personally, you will feel as if you are not allowed to have the freedom you think you deserve to have. This will be especially prominent by the end of the week, and you might even get into conflict over this with another close person.



Things will become more active once again in your professional life after the previous week of relaxation. This activity will start rather suddenly as you will be called in way to start working in a prompt manner. The end of the week will bring about some result from your work which will please both you and the people that are around you in your professional life. Expect some sort of recognition in relation to this result.

Your personal life will be characterized with more of an introspective mood. Unrelated to this, your romantic activity will be increased and you will make some sort of realization about the feelings of a person that is around you.



The rather experimental mood which has taken hold of you in the past week will dwindle down during the upcoming week. You will look more into proven and more conservative work methods and work related endeavors. The middle of the next week will however bring about a short lasting change during which a situation will arise which will require very inventive thinking from you.

The position of the Moon does speak of a good and fulfilling emotional week being ahead. You will likely have some notable spiritual experience which will change some of your long-standing beliefs. This is to be seen from the position of Jupiter and that of Venus.



The rather odd but useful occurrences in your professional life of the previous week will diminish during this one, and you will find yourself again thrown in the normality of your workplace. Things will be more relaxed, and it’s likely that you will have the energy to again start with some side projects which you had focused much of your attention on in the past.

In your personal life, things will feel rather uneasy, as you will feel a lot pressure being put on you. You might even be accused of being uninterested in some commitment in a rather unfair manner. You will still have the support from your closest relatives however.