1. This was the first movie in which Kristen Wiig played the leading role

Life of Trends - BridesMaids 1

2. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas were roommates in real life

Life of Trends - BridesMaids Roommates

3. This was the first Judd Apatow film to get an Oscar nomination

Life of Trends - Bridesmaids 3

4. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are married in real life

Life of Trends - Bridesmaids 4

5. Paul Rudd played a previous love interest of Annie’s, but his scene didn’t make the final cut

Life of Trends - Bridesmaids 5

6. Maya Rudolph was pregnant during filming and often wore a belt or hid behind props to distract from her stomach

Life of Trends - Bridesmaids 6

7. John Hamm chose to go uncredited, thinking his presence on the credits would make it appear to be a more serious film

Life of Trends - BridesMaids 7