With the Box Office returns in (with what seems like a dismal opening weekend at $32.8 Million) here are some reasons you should rush out to see this movie this week-

  • It’s long- One of the main criticisms of the film is that it is a long film at approximately two hours and forty-four minutes. However, when you consider most popular epic movies are comparable to that length, it seems a petty criticism. In fact, I would argue the reason it is that long is because it is incorporating three sequels efficiently and effectively into one movie. It takes the story of a Blade Runner trying to find a child, an android rebellion, and the search for Deckard and brilliantly weaves them into a single narrative that keeps one’s attention the entire time.

  • It’s visually stunning- The atmosphere that the original created is so much better this time around. While the first one was fantastic, this sequel implements our advancements in technology and generates a world that is beautiful even in its bleakness.

  • The story makes you forget about Harrison Ford- One of the big selling points with fans is that Harrison Ford would be returning to the sequel. Once you begin watching the movie, though, you tend to forget and not even care that Harrison Ford is going to be in it. You will be so taken with the new characters and the plot of the movie that Harrison Ford will become a distant memory of the past.

  • Do the means justify the ends?- What I mean by this is that two factions are trying to locate the child, and this offers an interesting ethical dilemma. While one wants to use the child to free the androids from their human masters, the other entity wants to use it to create more android slaves and thereby oppress more of them. So while one wants to save Deckard in order to abuse, the other wants him killed so their faction can be saved.

  • Holo beings- Homo cavas (My coinage-From the Latin- “Man” “hollow” opposed to Homo sapiens “Man” “wise”) are beings brought to life in this sequel. They are purchased in order to bring comfort to individuals who may need a friend or partner in their otherwise lonely life. This technology was a fascinating element of the movie.

  • It effectively ends the series- This film does an excellent job of concluding the story and making it unnecessary to produce any more sequels. In fact, I think that if they tried to make another sequel that focuses on the android revolution, then it would most likely be horrible and also a huge mistake.

  • The actors- The cast was excellent and performed well. Never for a moment was there a flat or unbelievable dialogue nor was there an actor/actress that you would feel was miscast which happens in most sci-fi films (eh…can someone say Star Wars).

  • An interesting history lesson- Jared Leto’s character, Niander Wallace, remarks that “Every civilization was built on the back of a disposable workforce, but I can only make so many.” This claim certainly has merit. Historically, the only way for civilizations to cause individuals in their society to rise above poverty into wealth is to enslave others, maintain a poverty class, or commit mass murder (often genocide).

But don’t think of this as a depressing movie, it really is action packed and exciting, and well worth your time. It will take you into a dystopian future that will make you feel more grateful of your present world or long for a holo being and android occupied world.


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