While exercising or playing a sport, people want to perform their best.  Performing well is not only aided by the consistency of training, but also what apparel is used.  Apparel can range from what kind of shorts you wear to the kind of shoes you slip on.  Your clothing and footwear can be used to your advantage or can immensely restrict you and hurt your performance.   Here are the best apparel brands based on the activity, sport, or exercise you are doing.


Yoga is an exercise that includes twisting, bending, and holding in positions that can be restricted if improper clothing is worn.  Because yoga leaves no time for adjusting your clothing during the changing of positions, your clothing needs to be snug and close to your body.  The clothing brands Prana and Lululemon are two of the best yoga clothing brands out there.  Their material and fabrics are specifically designed for Yogis.  Prana also prides itself in its environmentally friendly and fair traded materials.


Although Adidas is a versatile brand, its golfing apparel and products are spotlighted as some of the best for the sport.  Their golfing clothing is sharp, athletic, and durable.  Their products are perfect for a long afternoon or morning on the course.  They have taken into account the different kinds of weather conditions a golfer can encounter throughout the year and different seasons.


Running is one of the most intense work outs you can put your body through.  The clothing you choose should keep your body temperature balanced, and your shoes should give you the ultimate support you need.  If the wrong materials are worn while running, you can overheat quite quickly which can effect how long you can keep running.  Also, not all running shoes are created equal.  Everyone’s feet are different.  Not everyone feels comfortable and performs the same wearing the same shoe.  A shoe that might be beneficial for one runner can be harmful for another.  That is why there are specific shoes based on the characteristics of your feet: your arches(high or low), your width(narrow or wide), and more.  Some of the most stand out running shoes brands include Brooks, New Balance, Adidas, and Nike.  These running shoe brands also have some of the best running clothing you can buy as well for all weather conditions.


The last thing you want to be doing while swimming is thinking about if your swim suite is still hanging on.  If you are swimming laps in a pool, you definitely need to ditch your swimsuit from Target and get a proper competitive suite from Speedo.  From suites to goggles, Speedo is pretty much your one stop shop for anything swimming related.