It is October.  The pumpkins are out, and you already have your halloween costume planned out from head-to-toe.  Now is the time to take advantage of watching all the halloween movies you and your friends want and not being judged for it.  So, where do you start?  There are so many choices!  Let us make it easy for you.  Here are the best halloween movies for any type of audience that you may have in your living room.


If you are watching a halloween movie with kids, The Exorcist might not be the best choice.  Here are some kid friendly choices!

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Who does not love some Charlie Brown?  This charming classic tells the story of Charlie Brown’s friend Linus as he awaits the Great Pumpkin on Halloween.


This kid friendly film follows a ghost expert and his daughter as they try to rid a mansion of ghosts.  While doing so, they gain a friend in the most adorable ghost to ever exist, Casper.

Date Night

Feeling romantic?  Having a movie date night?  Who said halloween can’t be romantic?  These movies are perfect for girl’s night or a date with your sweetheart.

Warm Bodies

Based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and JulietWarm Bodies is a crowd-pleasing romance filled with undeniable charm, great music, and a lovable cast.  Jennifer Lawrence’s ex, Nicholas Hoult, plays an insightful zombie who falls in love with a regular human played by the stunning Teresa Palmer.

Horror Junkies

Horror movies are pretty much made for halloween time.  It can be hard to narrow down the best.  Here is our pick for horror movie junkies.

Get Out

In one of the most highly recognized horror movies in years, Get Out leaves audiences both scared and obsessed.  This modern classic follows a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.  At first the family seems pleasant and welcoming, but Chris, the boyfriend, soon finds out that they have a dark secret.  This movie not only terrifies audiences, but brings to light the racial issues that America faces today.


Watching movies is a great bonding experience for your family, but sometimes it can be hard to find movies that everyone can enjoy.  Here are the best choices that will please all the members of your family.

Harry Potter

Young or old, Harry Potter is a classic everyone can enjoy.  It is entertaining, appropriate for all ages, and heart warming.  Nobody can resist the story of the “boy who lived”.

Hocus Pocus

One of the most loved halloween movies of all time is Hocus Pocus. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and  Kathy Najimy are three witches who come back to life after 300 years in search of immortality.  This film will keep you laughing and humming “I’ll Put a Spell on You” for days after watching it.

Film Critics

For those who like films with a little more edge, here is our pick for you.

Edward Scissorhands

In Edward Scissorhands, an inventor dies before completing his invention of the “perfect human”, Edward.  Edward’s outward appearance is quite contradictory to his inward self.  He is quite harsh and frightening on the outside, but gentle and beautiful on the inside.  After being stranded in a castle, he is found by a kind woman named Peg.  Peg welcomes Edward into her home.  Edward is welcomed by the town, but eventually is outcasted because he falls in love with Peg’s daughter.  This movie will not scare you, but will leave you in tears.