How you present yourself in a professional environment is extremely important.  Dressing well can send the message that you take your job or interview seriously.  A survey of the best places to shop for work clothes was done, and here are the results!

1. H&M

If you are on a tight budget, you will love H&M.  Their clothing is made well and looks great.  H&M has great workplace essential pieces.  They also have great options for more casual workplace clothing.


Check out H&M at:

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2.  Zara

More than half of the women surveyed mentioned Zara as one of their favorite places to shop for work clothes.  This European company has locations in over 88 countries including the U.S.  It has done exceptionally well in the U.S .  Zara’s pieces are professional, stylish, and timeless.  Some of Zara’s pieces can be pricey, but you can definitely shop there on budget.  You will love their variety of styles and range in prices.

Check out Zara at:

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3. White House Black Market

There is nothing more chic than the colors black and white.  This clothing store takes pride in the quality of their clothing, starting with the fit.  On their website it says that they, “take fit seriously. Our collections undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure the fabric fits real women’s bodies. Each piece is worn, washed and tweaked to perfection—from seam to hem to hardware—no detail is overlooked. The end result is clothing that moves effortlessly with women’s on-the-go, multifaceted lives.”  White House Black Market is the perfect store for women who want a more classic look.

Check out White House Black Market at:

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4.  J.Crew

J.Crew is effortlessly chic.  Their pieces can transform from professional to casual.  Their style is classy, preppy, and sometimes woodsy.  It is a perfect place for professionals that like a pops of color.  J.Crew really thinks about the whole outfit.  Alongside their clothing, J.Crew has great accessories.  One of the greatest things about J.Crew is that guys love shopping there!  It is not a store that it is completely dominated by women’s clothing.  They have got professional menswear covered!

Check out J.Crew at:

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5. Banana Republic

Most of the men surveyed said that Banana Republic was the best place to shop for work clothing.  Their clothing is praised for not only looking good, but also being extremely comfortable.  Their clothing for women and men are classic and timeless.  There are times when you don’t want any fluff added to your clothing.  Sometimes it can be hard to just find a simple pencil skirt without any embellishment.  Banana Republic is a reliable place you can go to find classic pieces, like a pencil skirt, without any fluff or crazy embellishments.

Check out Banana Republic at:

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6. TJ Maxx

Who doesn’t love TJ Maxx?  You can literally find designer work clothes here for $19-$40.  This is a great place to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Check out TJ Maxx at: