BONX is the way we talk on the go.

The BONX Grip enables group conversations between outdoor athletes without having to take a phone out. It rides on your ear and working with a designated app to streamline communications in the field, on the water, in the snow, and wherever else you and your buddies play.

BONX aims to keep groups of skiers, snowboarders, bikers and others better connected than a smartphone alone can do. The company has developed the outdoor-specific Grip Bluetooth headset and accompanying group-talk app.

The app allows to set up groups of up to 10 users and automatically finds local users. Once your group is set up, you remain in constant contact anywhere you have phone reception.

The Grip headset is a “talk to talk” device. Simply start talking and the headset’s dual microphones pick it up and relay it to the app. So the BONX works like an always-ready wearable VoIP walkie-talkie, allowing you to talk hands-free.