There are an overwhelming amount of online jewelry companies out there, all of which sell either extremely stylish and unique pieces, or seasonal options throughout the year. Finding high-quality and affordable online jewelry brands be difficult, and picking out your favorites feels near impossible. With this said, because the online jewelry market is continuously growing with the demands of fashion, there are new companies popping up everyday. We have picked out eight brands worth taking a look at due to their striking styles, affordable prices, and timeless quality.

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott’s jewelry brand line was first formed back in 2002, when she created her first collection in her spare room as a $500 project. Since then, her jewelry line has blossomed into a billion dollar brand due to her creative energy and love for natural gemstone design. The core values behind the company come from the spheres of fashion, philanthropy, and family. Her jewelry lineup include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, charms, and extender chains. She also has several collections spanning 2018, 2017, fine jewelry, birthstone inspired and wedding events. Her fine jewelry includes both gemstones and diamond options.

In terms of pricing, her price filter runs from $50 - $2,000 for most of her jewelry but generally speaking, you will mainly see items in the price range of $50 - $300.00. Some of her more notable pieces include the Tilda Stud Earrings in Gold valued at $60 and has three color schemes, the Codi Pinch Bracelet in Silver/Gold valued at $45.00 and has three color schemes, as well as her Vern Pendant Necklace valued at $80 with three color schemes. If you are looking at charms only, these will come in around $15.00.


Fossil is an American fashion manufacturer and designer, founded back in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis. The company is based in Richardson, Texas and is known for its diverse portfolio of distinctive and innovative watches, accessories, and wearables. The company is a global organization that focuses on sustainable lifestyle and accessory products and is home to several portfolio brands like Diesel, Burberry, Michael Kors, and contemporary portfolio brand Skagen. Price ranges for its wearables are anywhere from $155 for the 2018 spring Q Annette and Q Machine to Diesel’s On Mega Chief watch at $230, to the Michael Kors Access Scout watch coming in at $275.

The brand has been consistently focusing on a connected future, providing individuals with wearables that are more active, push the boundaries of design, and are engineered with world-class hardware and software. Fossil’s portfolio brands are all about merging both distinctive style and technology.


Founded back in 1946 by Bill and Roberta Zimmer, Reeds is a success story, going from one retail store in a small hometown to becoming a full-service and multi-channel jewelry retailer in over thirteen different states. Reeds offers customers jewelry made out of platinum, titanium, sterling silver, gold, pearl, previous gemstones, semiprecious gemstones, healing crystals diamonds, and has a broad collection of gifts for all ages and genders. The brand is known for its exquisite customer service, fine jewelry, and personal service. Price ranges for their regular jewelry is dependent on whether you choose rings, earrings, necklaces, bridal, or bracelets but will generally be anywhere from $60 - $4,000.

In addition to its fine jewelry lines, Reeds does offer exclusive high-end jewelry through their designer and jewelry collections. Some of these lines include jewelry from Pandora, Gucci, Kendra Scott, Swarovski, and Alex and Ani. Price ranges for their high-end jewelry range anywhere from $65 for Michael Kors stud earrings, to $890 for a Ladies Gucci G-Timeless Pink Blooms Canvas watch.


Soufeel has been delivering a direct consumer model jewelry fashion line since 2009 that centers around providing consumers with beautiful jewelry at competitively low prices. Their items includes charms, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, charm bangles, gifts, and other fashion specific accessories. The products use 925 sterling silver, colored gems, and Swarovski as their raw materials. Price ranges for their products are anywhere from $25 - $300 on their necklace, bracelet, and earring lineups. When their products are on sale, the price ranges drop down to as low as $10.00.

A few notable products include their 18K Gold Sea Pearl Necklace valued at $285.00 (on sale for $199.00),  the Soufeel Modern Fashion Ring made out of 925 Sterling Silver valued at $50 (on sale for $35.95), and their Personalized Monogram Birthstone Charm Bangles valued at $38 (on sale for $25.95). Currently, Soufeel is having an up to 80% off Spring Fresh Sale. The company has two well known international jewelry designers, Carol Koch who has over twenty years of experience and Moly Drescher, who has over ten years of experience in design.


Skagen takes its inspirational design and innovative looks from the Danish coastal town of Skagen, a town that is known for its minimalist mindset and warm spirit. The company has a large lineup of watches, jewelry, leather goods, and wearables. Skagen is all about contemporary design combined with essential simplicity which is what creates their streamlined, uncluttered, and clean product aesthetics. Skagen’s overall goal is about creating products that complement life in a functional way that does not slow you down, cause you to carry more bulk, or waste your time.

In terms of price range, their wearable watches are between $175.00 - $295.00. The Smartwatch Falster Steel – Mesh comes in at $295.00 and is their latest wearable that provides the consumer with activity tracking, smartphone notifications, and Google Assistant. Their backpacks range anywhere from $225.00 – 175.00 (not on sale) and they do have shave kits and wallets on for $95.00 - $35.00. They also offer a Hybrid Smartwatch that comes in many different colors of leather as well as titanium and sits at $175.00 while regular leather watches come in at  $115 – $155.00.

Silver Rush Style

Silver Rush is a family owned business that operates out of Tampa, Florida. The company creates artisan sterling silver jewelry that is completely handmade and always 925 sterling silver. When you shop at Silver Rush, you get extremely unique and exclusive choices that are infused with passion, discrete charm, and an unforgettable feel. The company sells pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, polish pottery, and does offer many distinctive collections to choose from like their Into the Wood, Larimar jewelry, Golden Age, and Amber jewelry.

In terms of price range, they have a wide selection within the $30 – 900 price range, with a ton of items in the clearance section. Typically, rings are between $50-90, bracelets between $30-250. Generally speaking, most of their regular items are between the $30-250 price range. Notable choices include the Garnet Ring for $74.55, the Pietersite Earrings for $63.55, and the Larimar Bracelet for $215.95.


Icing fashion and jewelry is a subsidiary of Clare’s which was founded in 1960 and is now a global destination for fashion accessories. Icing, along with Claire’s, looks to inspire young girls and women to become their best selves through empowerment. The brand looks to infuse life with innovation, discovery, self-expression and fun. Icing sells necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, watches, jewelry sets and body jewelry. The price range for these items are anywhere from $5 - $25.00. Notable products include their Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Studs at $29.99, their Stacked Round Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace at $9.50, and their jewelry sets that come in at $9.50 a piece.

Carolyn Pollack jewelry

Carolyn Pollack jewelry is an American brand that is environmentally conscious, commits to high-quality design, and has a personal commitment to the jewelry as artwork. Carolyn likes to create jewelry that is original in design, genuine, positive, complimentary, and personal. Each piece is crafted to inspire, refresh, and provide an individual expression of style. The Pollack jewelry line includes rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and accessories. You can either shop through the specific pieces of jewelry or you can shop through the wide variety of collections. There is a Country Couture, Embrace the Stone, Simply Fabulous, Natural Beauty, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and Lasting Connections collection.

In terms or price range, the Country Couture collection ranges from $49.00 - $165, whereas individual rings from their regular lineup will range between $8.00 - $189.00. Necklaces and bracelets range between $11.00 - $645.00 and $24.00 - $379.00 respectively.  Notable choices include the Sterling Silver & Rose Gold Plated Bracelet, the Sterling Silver Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and the Sterling Silver Open Country Couture earrings.

Almost all of the above brands do come with extremely affordable options that are stylish and will fit any type of outfit or event. You may want to check out their shipping options as a lot of the above brands do provide free shipping or major discounts if you buy a certain dollar amount.