Yes, this is real. A little smaller NES.

Nintendo is releasing a miniature NES with 30 built-in games which it’s calling NES Classic Edition which will cost $59.99 when it launches on November 11th, 2016.

Unlike the old NES, this Classic Edition allows players to connect to a TV via an HDMI cable, providing gamers with HDTVs option.

The package will also include an AC adapter and Classic Controller that can be used to connect to Wii Remote in order to play Virtual Console games on Wii or Wii U.

Here’s the list of 30 built-in games:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Castlevania
  • Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
  • Donkey Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  • Dr. Mario
  • Excitebike
  • Final Fantasy
  • Galaga
  • Ghosts’N Goblins
  • Gradius
  • Ice Climber
  • Kid Icarus
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Mario Bros.
  • Mega Man 2
  • Metroid
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Pac-Man
  • Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • StarTropics
  • Super C
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Tecmo Bowl
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link