STATE uses the buy one, give one model to help address the needs of schoolchildren in America. So, for every bag sold, one is then donated to an American child in need. The donated backpacks are hand-delivered and fully-stocked with supplies to help kids excel in school and get excited about learning.

While some students look forward to a brand new backpack at the start of each school year, others, as the company’s founders observed, carry their necessities in a trash bag. With the belief that every child should have access to a backpack and quality school supplies, STATE is addressing that issue.

The company was created by married couple Scot and Jacqueline Tatelman who started STATE to help give students living in America’s most at-risk neighborhoods “the tools to reach their fullest potential and better their communities. And to always have their backs.” In addition to donating a backpack, the company also organizes rallies to help motivate and inspire students that participate in their bag drop events.

If this sounds like a cause you can get behind, you can purchase your own STATE bag and have one donated to a student in need at

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