Yesterday, the teaser trailer for the Incredibles 2 premiered and has already reached over 6 million views.  It has been 13 years since the world has seen the Parr family which includes Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and their children Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack.  Last time the world saw the Parr family, they had just defeated the vengeful villain Syndrome, baby Jack-Jack had just revealed his powers, and once-in-hiding super heroes had started coming out of retirement.

The end of the first movie lead fans to believe that there would be a sequel.  But, the question was “when” would this sequel come out.  After many years and different Pixar movies, fans seemed to have pushed the anticipation of a sequel to the back of their minds, until this past Saturday.

Many flocked to their computer and smart phone screens to watch the teaser trailer for the sequel to the Incredibles.  The teaser trailer does not give away any of the story-line, but does give away the state of at least two of the characters from the original movie.  Most of the trailer follows Jack-Jack who is still a baby.  So, it only makes sense to believe that even after the 14 years that separated the release of first movie from the second, that the story will pretty much pick up right where it left of with the first movie.  Jack-Jack still seems to be working out his many powers which are both powerful and wildly out of control.  The last part of the trailer shows Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, excitedly exclaiming over his son’s powers, followed by Jack-Jack sneezing and burning through a chunk of his Dad’s hair with his laser-beam eyes.

The anticipation for this sequel has resurrected, and fans cannot wait for the actual full trailer of film to be released.  Until then, fans will just have to daydream and obsess over this sequel that will enter theaters June 15th, 2018.