“The Office,” starring Steve Carell, became a classic American Television program and launched Carell’s career into movies. It was a documentary style television show that was originally created by Ricky Gervais in his UK version. It changed the dynamics of television shows much like Seinfeld did in the 90’s. It added the “reality” element to the sitcom. Characters would directly speak to the camera as if they were talking to the audience but through the vehicle of the docu-film maker. This format has even been mimicked for one time episodes in existing shows such as “Leverage.”

However, not only in this same line of office comedy and speaking to the camera style has a show emerged, but they have added an entirely new element to the television office comedy…superheroes. “Powerless” stars Vanessa Hudgens as a young and ambitious vice president who lives in the DC comic universe and works at a company owned by Wayne Enterprises. It is an insurance company that specializes in the development of products that protect vulnerable people from the collateral damage of the exploits of Superheroes and Supervillains. Her boss is a spoiled rich cousin of Bruce Wayne who is trying to launch his career to the next level and be promoted to corporate where he can work directly with Bruce. He constantly attempts to bungle her progress, producing much friction and humor. She supervises a team of quirky engineers who are in charge of making the next big product. They deal with the realities of life and business while also tackling the unrealities of the Meta-human infested world.

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I was very skeptical when I began to watch this, but it is actually interesting and funny. It may not compare to the level of “The Office” or “Seinfeld” as far as humor, but it is worth the watch. So far you will not see A list Superhero’s or villains, but you will hear them discussed. Although, Batman did once make a non-appearance on the show, and Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) did date a henchman of the Riddler inadvertently. So if you are looking for a fun new television show to fulfill your comedic and sci-fi needs, then this is undoubtedly the show for you!