Be trendy, be one of kind.

Being on trend and keeping up on fashion is fun yet challenging. The fashion world is ever changing and pinning down the right look takes time and an eye for fashion. This takes time researching the latest trends, money buying the look you’ve been eyeing and planning where to take your new look. After so much time and effort nothing is more disheartening than showing up and matching someone else there. You were supposed to be the fashion-forward guest. It should be you getting the compliments and attention. Instead, you’re stuck sharing the limelight and all that effort can go down the drain.

How can we avoid this nightmare? It’s simple, make it custom and one of a kind. How? With custom back patches no minimum required! Now you can customize any item with the finest, most durable patches in the industry. Now that Mother Nature has blown her icy breath everyone is busting out their best winter coats. Here are some ideas on how to make these staple, trending pieces 100% you and 100% one of a kind!

Distressed Jean Jackets

This piece is so versatile it fits into every season. Perfect for cooler evenings during summer and great layered with your favorite sweater during the cooler seasons. Have an all-time favorite band that you find yourself listening to and seeing frequently? Create your own custom back patches no minimum order. Browse a wide variety of thread colors, patch sizes and borders. Everyone at the concert will be asking where to buy your creation.

Leather Jackets

This classic will never go out of style and will always be trending. Another piece that is worn year-round, another reason to make it 100% yours. Have a favorite show? Create a catchy patch. Obsessed with your zodiac sign? Add it to the back of your favorite leather coat to give it a new life.

Puffy Coats

This is one of the hottest trends of the season. Everyone is going to be sporting puffy coats on the streets. Stand out by adding your favorite food item to it. Create a delicious slice of pizza with a custom back patch at no minimum for your order. Nothing stands out and grabs an audience’s attention like a popular food item.

Personalize Your Fashion

Don’t let your time and effort go unnoticed. Only the most daring and fashion-forward go the extra step to make sure they’re wearing the hottest trends that are unique to them. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. You could turn your entire closet into a masterpiece that only you own with custom back patches no minimum required. Don’t be stuck in fashion crisis again this holiday season. Submit your custom patch design at and personalize your fashion today. They take care of crafting premium patches that speak your style. Visit them to know more.