The position of Venus does suggest rather strong activity romantically. There is high likeliness for a long-standing friendly relationship to turn in a more personal and romantic direction. Not a lot will be needed for this to occur, and you will willingly become closer to a person that you have known for a long time.

Your career will also not be sidelined, but some rather challenging task will be accepted by you. Successful completion of this task will bring good points to your resume, but be careful of being too much sidetracked with little details while failing to see the whole picture.



Travel will be the word of the week. You will be on the move, and this will be both due to your personal and professional life. Please note that the travels will bring you a lot of experience and knowledge in a short time. Professionally you should be more aggressive with your plans and ideas for advancement. If you have been thinking about some investments, given the position of Jupiter this week, it may be an ideal time for putting them into practice.

The personal life will also see a lot of activity, and you will definitely meet some very interesting people along the way.




You should still not discontinue your past efforts at integrating yourself in the present environment socially. There is strong chance for success, but you need to be patient. It is as if people around you will be suspicious of your intentions and you honesty.

Romantically, you should expect some sort of calm in contrast to the recent past. Not a lot will be offered to you, but you should be ready to accept this peace, given you feel that you need some rest. Ideally it will be the best if you manage to pause with work for a while during this week and recharge your batteries.



You are in for a week of strong personal rediscovery and introspection. It seems as if you will be driven to sort out some dilemmas from the past. Being rather inquisitive by nature, this can bring notable personal satisfaction especially if you will be able to be successful in what you will be trying to discover about your past.

You career will move in a more dynamic manner in contrast to the past, and you would need to be more careful in what you take on as future projects. So much will be offered to you that you would need to choose wisely.




Be ready for a real boom in your social activities this week. This is shown by the peculiar position of Venus and Mercury. A lot of tricks will be used by other people in order for them to get your attention. You might even be driven to new levels of self-confidence given the sudden interest others will have in you.

Your love life will have a notable boost and the start of new romantic relationship is likely. If you are already in relationship, be ready for things to be taken to the next level. Professionally, a slight change to the better of your prospects is likely.


This week, it will be best if you keep you energetic attitude more subdued. The horoscope elements are not conductive towards strong changes, and it’s likely that you will feel a bit stuck. An alternative approach might be required in your professional life as will be seeing things from a different perspective.

Be ready for some resurfacing of a person from your past in your personal life. It seems as if you will be drawn somewhat unwillingly in the favorite pastimes of your earlier years. This will feel somewhat unusual but will end up being rather enjoyable for you in the long run.


Good, seamless effort and work will be rather easy during this week in your professional life. You will even be surprised by the smoothness of your work process. Career wise, you would need to promote your work on greater scale if you want it to get noticed. Despite the smooth feeling of your work process, you might have a hard time finding someone that will appreciate this smoothness.

In your personal life, you will be expected to do something which hasn’t been done by you in a long time. If you choose to do it, be ready for a throwback to your early years. This will feel rather nice and it will be a welcomed, relaxing experience.


Your strive towards personal and spiritual progress will be somewhat challenged and limited by the environment which will be tying you down with repetitive and boring tasks. You will be challenged to even find time to cater to your spiritual needs so you should be ready for a rather busy and hectic week.

Things in your professional life will be more relaxed, though still busier than usual. The time is right for making long-term arrangements involving your future steps professionally. If you see someone whose plans fit well with yours, a good partnership can be made with them.


The upcoming week could turn out to be one the most exciting weeks you have experienced in the last few years. The prospects for both your personal and your professional life are great. You should think about making large moves in your career as well, as destiny will favor you even if you decide to make some very bold moves.

Personally you would struggle to find a meaning to all of the things which will happen in a rather rapid manner. Their true significance might even be only realized by you long after the fact. Essentially, be ready for one of the most memorable weeks of your life.


Warmth and empathy will be the hallmark words for your personal life this week. You will be rather glad to hear that people from your environment are finally getting it regarding your choices that you have made in the past. Some resolution of a personal conflict is also likely, given the position of Mars.

The position of Mars also does suggest that your career efforts will be finally valued by the right people whose say can change something regarding you. You should take comfort in the your hard work finally being notice. This will likely have longstanding, positive consequences for you also.


Your natural energy and subdued drive will come to full prominence in rather visible manner in the upcoming time. It is as if someone will expect you to be even more energetic than usual. This is something rather rare, given your already energetic nature. Please be wary of other people’s honesty in your personal life. Even with your natural intuition it might be difficult to distinguish the truth from the fantasy.

Your career will take a more of secondary role in the week that follows given you will be giving so much for your personal life and the happenings in it. It will also be best to leave any large scale plans for better times in the future.


The upcoming period will be filled with questions which concern your place in the environment you are in. You might be rather obsessed with philosophical thoughts. Your warm and likable nature might be temporarily changed. This might be so pronounced that some people might suspect something being wrong with you.

The time is good for large steps professionally, so if you have long-standing plans for your career the upcoming time is suitable for you to put them in to practice. You should be careful however of too good to be true offers which might seem tempting. Avoid being trapped with nice words and smooth talk.