Given the peculiar positions of Jupiter and Saturn the next week will bring some rather great and unusual challenges for you. You will be forced to learn quickly and improvise as you will be dealing with problems completely new to you. The financial aspect of the week will be good, but expect some unplanned expenses which might upset your financial expectations. Still the week may bring a good amount of earnings and could also be suitable for making significant investments.

Your personal life will bring strong resolution to continue with your own personal and spiritual development. You will be more determined than ever to further your spiritual knowledge also.



In the professional life the following week will bring notable recognition in relation to an effort you had done in the recent past. The next week will be the time for you to shine in your professional life. Make best of the occurrences that will unfold and try to promote your work as best you can.

The pleasant happenings in your professional life will boost your mood in your personal life. This will be noticed by the people around you, and you might get some odd questions regarding your new found zeal. This will be especially prominent towards the end of the week due to the position of Mercury.



Still feeling quite positive due to the pleasant happenings in your professional life in the past week, you will feel eager to move on with the challenges that lay in front of you. The middle of the week will also bring notable travel which will expand your views on the current issues that you face in your professional life and career in general.

Your personal life will be characterized with less activity in comparison with the previous week. You will readily welcome this as it will bring notable relaxation. The end of this week will also leave you feeling rather energetic, given the position Mars assumes.



Things in your professional life will ease out after last week’s concern about the financial prospects of your investments. You will be free to make more optimistic plans once again. You may also be invited to take part in a larger investment. This might seem a bit suspicious to you, so do some research before making commitments.

In your personal life, socially you will be on the top of your game. Feeling as you are moving into new previously unexplored areas of your being, you will be eager to experience new sensations. This will especially be the case in the second part of the week.



As you will feel normality once again in your professional life, you will be somewhat uneasy and even bored given your natural, Leo energetic nature. You will be looking to expand your influence on the work process in your employment place. You will feel as if your ideas need to be represented more and maybe even that they are somewhat sidelined in an unfair manner.

The level of social activity will remain high during this week also. You will be in the full swing, meeting new interesting people which will present you ideas much worthy of your attention. This will be somewhat of blessing for you as you will finally, after a long time, meet people that have something interesting to say.



The position of Jupiter suggests that things in your professional life will be moving at a fast pace. You will present, spread and even invent new ideas which will bring you success and recognition. Expect warm reception of your ideas and concepts as the position of Mercury is positive for such things. This is especially true for the latter part of the week.

Your personal life and the happenings in it will be somewhat sidelined given the sheer level of activity which will be happening in your professional life and career. Despite this, you will be eager to progress the relationship with some person to the next level.



People will be more receptive of your efforts at your workplace. The true value of your work will be again appreciated. Your energy level however might be getting somewhat low, and you might feel as if you are fighting a losing battle. Despite this, towards the end of the week you will experience a rather encouraging event which will boost your energy levels.

Things in your personal life will be relaxing, and you will be glad to find the support for your professional endeavors in people that are very dear, close friends of yours. The ending of the week will also include a surprising event that will be organized by your friends in your honor.



Quite free from the pressure which characterized last week’s professional life, you will be feeling rather pleased to be going back to a normal routine. The position of Mercury and Jupiter is peculiar and suggests good success professionally through inventiveness and unconventional ideas. If you have some rather ‘outside the box’ ideas concerning your professional life, now is the time to put them into practice.

You will feel eager to expand your understanding of the social processes that seem to occur around on a daily basis. You might find out what really makes people around tick, and you may begin to view their strengths and weakness in rather enlightening way.



As the position of Jupiter gets more favorable, you will find yourself being more accepted in your workplace. It is as if you will break through some ceiling. This occurrence will enable you to push yourself to the next level. You have worked so hard, and things will pay off in a short time in a way that might even seem incredible to you.

Your personal life will be for the most part pleasant, but you should not expect understanding for your commitment to your professional life. Very important things for your career are about to occur in the next week, but despite this, some people from your personal life might seem ignorant of this.



The following week will bring a continuation of the experimental attitudes that were prevalent in the previous week. Quite unlike yourself, you will be not be keen on following traditional paths to your goals. On the contrary, you will search for new, innovative routes which will bring your success in the end. People will be rather amazed at your change towards experimentalism.

Your personal life will bring new developments, especially in relation to the expectations people have from you. So many people will be expecting you to continue with your experimentation seemingly amazed by your change.



The demands from you will lessen in your professional life, and you will again have room to breathe. Your ideas however will keep flowing, and you will be eager to present them to your superiors. Your presentation will likely be effective given the good position that Saturn has. Be very thorough and methodical in your presentation.

As the level of activity will lessen in your professional life, you might find time for new pursuits in your personal life. The position of Venus is rather positive, so you might find a new romantic interest among the people that you had recently met.



Given the recent positive happenings in your professional life, you should immediately try to capitalize on them. If you do this, you will likely be successful in raising your professional standing on an even greater level. In general, you should try to be very active in promoting yourself and your work in the upcoming time as your chances will be significantly greater that way.

Your personal life will bring more activity in contrast to the previous week. You will welcome this as an escape from the status quo situation that has been set in the past. The end of the week will also bring some short-term but rather positive merging of your personal and your professional life.