Did you know the type of handbag you choose says a lot about your personality? Like any fashion item, a bag helps to define your own personal style and says a lot about the type of person you are. However, a lot of women have no idea just how much their handbag choice reflects on who they are.

Here, you’ll see exactly what your handbag choice says about you.

What the style of your bag reveals about you

According to experts, the style of your bag reveals a lot about the type of person you are. A classic tote bag for example, is said to represent professional, no-nonsense strong and independent personalities. A shoulder bag on the other hand gives the impression you’re ready for anything, especially if it has a lot of pockets and storage.

Backpacks are seen as adventurous, whereas cross body bags are considered ideal for those who feel that less is more. Understanding what each bag type typically represents can help you to make the best decision when it comes to which bag is right for you.

Does size and color matter too?

We’ve covered some of the different styles, but what about size, does that matter too? Apparently, it does. At the moment, larger handbags are on-trend. If you’re looking at a large handbag with embellishments and unique details, it’s going to give off a real rock chick look. On the other hand, a smaller purse-style handbag such as a cross-body variation from Radley’s, shows that you’re a jetsetter who doesn’t need a lot when they travel.

In terms of color, brighter colored handbags are usually designed with younger girls and women in mind. However, it is possible to pull them off as an older adult too. The key is to opt for handbag with small straps. That way, the color won’t draw too much attention against the skin (this is a great tip for those looking to invest in a colored handbag which they don’t usually look good in).

Choosing the best bag to fit your personality

When choosing the right handbag, you need to consider the image you’re trying to portray and what you’ll largely be using it for. Some handbags, such as tote bags, have the potentially to offer numerous different looks. A solid colored tote bag provides a professional look, whereas a patterned tote bag would provide more of a relaxed, almost hippie style.

It’s important to take the practical side into account too. It needs to match your lifestyle. So, if you tend to travel light, you’re not going to need a large bag so you could get away with investing in a small cross-body bag.

Overall, as you can see your handbag does say a lot about you. If you want to choose a bag to match your personality, be sure to follow the advice above.