The world of man was in disarray. After World War One came the Great Depression and following that World War II. It seemed as if a bleak time had been cast upon the world in the early 20th Century. What would the response be? To William Marston and his wife, Elizabeth, their answer would be to create a woman of mythological intrigue who would reclaim her once abandoned duty to protect the world of mankind. His comic book was a success. Marston is thought to have created the polygraph, which many link to Wonder Woman’s Magic (or Golden) Lasso of Truth, but this is incorrect. He was actually the inventor of the systolic blood pressure measuring apparatus, that the inventor of the polygraph incorporated into his invention. Though he was influenced and inspired by feminist movements at the time, Wonder Woman is often criticized for being overly sexualized from a man’s point of view, thereby, feminine power was still under the dominance of the male libido.

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However, this criticism is a minority perspective. The majority accept the mythos of Wonder Woman to be exhilarating and fantastic as it has resulted in a 70’s TV show starring Linda Carter, many animated shows and movies, and a new live-action movie coming in June of 2017 starring the lovely and domineering Gal Gadot. It has been recently added to her biography that Wonder Woman is bisexual to extend her feminist foundation, but this has been criticized as an erotic attempt to entice male readers. Her powers vary based on the period and medium of the narrative. One thing is consistent, however, and that is her superior strength.

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It is yet to be seen what her full power range will consist of in the two movies that she stars in this year, both Wonder Woman and the Justice League. It is believed, though, that Ares will be the main villain while she attempts to put an end to World War II with the assistance of her pal Steve Trevor and a rag-tag team of soldiers. It has an estimated budget of 120 million dollars and should be a hallmark in the Wonder Woman legacy.