Every week presents itself with new changes, opportunities, and challenges. Maybe it’s time to realize you’re ready to meet someone new or to rekindle an old flame. What will this week bring you?



Expect an especially agreeable week for you, Libra! You may notice it’s going to be easier to socialize and negotiate throughout the next seven days. Use this time to make wise decisions concerning your career and your relationship with others. Don’t be afraid to speak up during meetings because people will be looking to you to make pivotal decisions. Trust yourself as others look to you as a guide at this time. As a new moon falls into your income sector, it’s a good time to begin to think about your long-term financial goals.



This week is all about getting back in tune with the true you. After spending so much time trying to please others, begin reassessing what’s truly important to you and think about how to prioritize those values. Making the right choice that’s ultimately right for you isn’t always easy, but it’s high time to think about and invest in yourself. Keep your own goals and values in mind as you make decisions this week concerning your relationships.



You may find yourself in a more melancholy mood this week, sagittarius. Don’t feel guilty for shying away this week and not being as social as you usually are. Although you might not be as much of a social butterfly this week, you may notice that you are feeling more confident in yourself. You’re going to be less worried about what others think of you. Since you may not be in the mood to meet a lot of new people this week, it’s a good time to invest in strengthening the relationships you already have. It’s ok to temporarily close off from the social scene, but be wary of building walls between you and people you truly care about.



Capricorns may notice that they are going to feel a lot of pressure this week. Whether it’s from work or loved ones, expect to have people looking to you for answers this week. When this happens, take some time for yourself to destress. However, if you keep finding yourself in the midst of more negativity this week, don’t ignore it, and confront it right away. This is a crucial time to repair damaged relationships, and confronting these issues will help clear your mind.



You might be feeling like your main support group is MIA this week, Aquarius, but don’t fret. This week is all about empowering yourself and making decisions that will benefit your future. Don’t let this week’s relationship with your friends or loved ones lower your confidence. Know that feeling distant from your crew is something that’s only going to be temporary, and things will go back to the way they were in no time. Focusing on you, however, is going to open up romantic prospects as well.



You’ve got career growth on the brain this week, Pisces, and you may find yourself thinking a lot about the future. It’s a good time to write down your goals as you think about what the future of your career is going to hold for you. Don’t give in to the fear of failure that has held you back in this past. This goes for your career life as well as your romantic life. Ask the tough questions and go out on a limb when the opportunity presents itself. The important thing is not to hold yourself back this week. You’ve got goals to accomplish! Go get ‘em, Pisces!



Although you’ve been used to acting on impulse a lot lately, this week is a good time to reign the impulsiveness back a little. You’ve got big dreams, and you want to act on them, which is impressive! Remember, to accomplish them correctly though, you’re going to need a well thought-out plan. Take this week to draw it up and then start acting on it. Shifting gears, however, when it comes to your love life, it’s time to stop holding back. If you find yourself thinking too much about making the right choices when it comes to love, this is the week to let go and let yourself take some chances.



You’re trying to make all the best choices for your personal growth, but you may run into some disapproval from friends and loved ones this week. Instead of building walls to block out the criticism, remember their advice comes from a good place and take it into consideration when making big decisions this week. However, remember that ultimately, you know what’s best for you. Just don’t let a bit of criticism ruin your relationships as you may be feeling a bit more hot-headed this week.



You may start feeling like things are getting rocky between you and a significant person in your life this week. If you want to keep a healthy relationship, take some time out to make the necessary adjustments even though you may be feeling like it isn’t your responsibility to fix things. If you feel like the relationship is important to you, make the time to invest in it and get things back on track. Once your mind is cleared from fixing this relationship, you’ll be able to more freely focus on your broader social network and letting new friends and potential love interests into your life. It’s an exciting week for social prospects for you, Gemini!



You may find that your own health is going to occupy a lot of your thoughts this week. Ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to be the best version of yourself. You’ll find yourself happier once you take the time to focus on your personal mental and physical health this week. Being vocal about your goals could help you find the support system you’ve been looking for lately too. As you take on new challenges, remember you don’t have to change your lifestyle around all at once. Just focus on figuring out exactly what is holding you back and make some minor modifications once step at a time.



It’s time for the walls to come down this week, Leo. Maybe you’ve been feeling like the decision maker who has to be strong for the sake of others for a long time now. This week, it’s time to open up emotionally. Continuously being strong for the sake of others can be absolutely exhausting, and it’s high time you looked after yourself too. Don’t be afraid to lean on someone else’s shoulder for once. You might find that it’s surprisingly alleviating to open up more, and those around you will also be thankful that you did.



You may find yourself bickering more with friends or loved ones this week. The issues that come up might be small, but the arguments still drain your energy. It’s a good time to remind yourself to pick your battles. Know which heated discussions are worth it and which issues are just worth letting go. Once you shift your attitude, you’ll find yourself feeling more energized and more willing to take on new challenges. This will be especially important in creating new opportunities that will help you advance in terms of your career goals.