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Your Weekly Horoscope: April 10 – April 16

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Your Weekly Horoscope: April 10 – April 16


The easy times in regards to your professional life will continue in the next week also. This will come as a welcomed change by you as it will allow you to recuperate in a way from the stressful activities that characterized the past few weeks. You should also expect a greater acceptance of your own ideas, especially towards the end of the week.

The active times in the personal life will continue in the next week also. You will also travel a lot due to personal reasons and leisure. One of these travels will bring about a notable change of your understanding of spirituality.


After the long lasting sedateness in your professional life, you will finally have more activity tied to your workplace. The activity will be of enjoyable nature as it will genuinely interest you into applying your whole knowledge towards success. The ending part of the week will see the development of a notable project which will require a special talent of yours in order to be completed.

The ragged determination that is typical of the Taurean nature will be shown by you in your personal life during the upcoming week. It seems as if some people will be expecting for you to fail in some way, but this will not occur due to your naturally strong determination.


You will still have to do a lot of mundane tasks and chores in your professional life, but this will not be happening throughout the whole week. By the middle of the week, Jupiter changes position which suggests that you will be tasked with more interesting and maybe even pioneering efforts at your workplace. This will bring you more enjoyment.

Your personal life will bring an abundance of activities, similar to the previous week. You will be in a fully adventurous mood. Eager to experience new things, you will likely accept opportunities to meet new faces and exchange ideas and opinions with new people.


The rather high energy levels in your professional life will continue into the next week also. You will be glad to take on new challenges in a way that is not as typical for you. This will not go unnoticed, and you might be offered a real chance for promotion or an increase in your position in the workplace. It is likely that your energy levels will remain high in the weeks to come.

Your personal life will bring little change in comparison to the previous week. You will still be marred by unusual requests from your friends, but this will not hinder you in regards to your professional successes.


The levels of stress will ease down in your professional life, but you will still be in way be forced to work more than you desire. People will simply love to give you tasks, regardless of your desire to do them. The end of week will however bring about some resolution of this situation, as everyone will finally realize that you can only do so much, and as a result, the stress on you will ease down.

Your personal life will in a way bring an escape from the stress that will be typical for your professional environment during the next week. This will be rather important and quite beneficial for you, as it will allow you to recharge your energy levels.


The dynamism typical in the happenings in your professional life in the past week will repeat itself once again this week also. You will be tasked with a lot of things, but you will have the energy to do them all to a satisfactory level of completion. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, so you should expect some sort of recognition which will happen at your workplace.

Your personal life will bring less activity than what you had hoped for and generally people that you will meet will be rather boring to you in a way. There are indicators of you simply being asked way too often for doing some favors which will bore you rather rapidly.


The next week in your professional life will be rather dynamic but the instability from the past week will not repeat itself. On the contrary you might have good prospects of making some very long term financial arrangement tied to your workplace. The middle of the week will also bring some very notable support at your workplace which will be of great help and reassurance to you.

Your personal life will be rather positive as people will simply love being around you. You will be also get a number of invitations for friendly outdoor activities which you should accept, as given by the position of several elements on your chart. Good, memorable adventures are likely.


In your professional life, things will be less stable than in the previous week, but this will bring some positive developments also, as it will allow you to pursue some opportunities for financial profit. The end of the week will bring back stability in your professional life, and you will again be tasked with more usual things.

In regards to your personal life, you will again have to deal with people from your past and especially you will have to re-explain your past actions despite you thinking they were rather obvious to everybody. The end of the week will also bring a notable meeting with a person you haven’t seen in ages.


Things in your professional will not be as stable as the past week, and a lot of movement will happen. You may have a number of investments opportunities, so choose wisely. Your professional tasks however will be rather dull and even boring, with you struggling to find energy and motivation to complete them. This will be especially prominent during the ending part of the week.

In your personal life, you will feel a strong need for an escape from the boring tasks in your professional life. It is likely that you will spend a lot of time outdoors in the company of friends, and this will happen in a manner which will restore your energy and mood greatly.


In your professional life, you will still be tasked with many things, and your energy will be split to many projects. Therefore you might even have a feeling of not being able to complete any of the projects you will be working on to the desired level. This might even bring some issues with the management at your workplace, but essentially none of it will be your fault.

The rather low energy levels in your personal life from lat week will not occur during the next week, which is to be seen from the favorable position of Mars on your horoscope chart. You will have a number of opportunities for pursuing social activities also.


Your professional life will bring more activities than in the past week, and again you will be tasked with a multitude of things. You will find this to be a welcomed change despite the increase of the workload. The middle of the week will also bring a pairing of your own work efforts with that of a work colleague. It is likely that this pairing will be successful for the both of you.

Your personal life will be rather exciting, as you will be constantly given attention from the people that surround you. This will bring a notable ego boost in way which will leave you in a happy and positive mood especially by the end of the week.


Your professional life and the tasks connected with it will still demand from you a notable amount of inventiveness and originality of thought. This will not be a difficult task for you, as the Moon and Mercury are both in suitable positions on the chart. The very end of the week will bring some resolution connected to a difficult task at your workplace.

Your personal life will see the development of a notable friendship between you and another person. You will gradually come to understand the other side in the friendship in a more intuitive and direct manner. You will also realize that they have many things in common with you.

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