The next week will bring a lessening of the activities in your professional life in comparison to the previous week. You will find this to be a welcomed changed, despite your naturally active and energetic nature. At the end of the week, you will be able to find time to consolidate the gains you have made during recent times.

Your personal life will bring more changes in comparison to the previous week, and you will be glad to know that people will be trying to be engaged socially with you to a greater level than usual. The week will also bring a notable deepening of your interest in spirituality.



The position of Saturn does speak of you having a large amount of opportunities ahead of you in your professional life that will happen during the upcoming week. Try to use them the best you can, but you should not accept offers without thinking about them extensively beforehand. Think long term and how each move may affect your career in the future.

Your personal life will bring less activity than in the past week, but you will still be rather engaged socially. People will also seem interested in your approach towards some spiritual matter, and it is likely that you will give some advice on this to several people.



The notable blandness of the previous week will not happen again in the next one. On the contrary, you might have more exiting situations coming your way. The management at your workplace will also demand higher standards from you, which might seem to be daunting to you. Nevertheless, you are in for a very productive and successful week in your professional life.

As things will become more active in your personal life, you will become ever happier. Especially, good feelings in you will be brought upon by a pleasant happening which will revolve around your closest family members.


The next week will bring a continuation of the positive mood in your professional life typical for the past week. You will enjoy knowing that people around you will be very collegial, and they will be rather cooperative where the fulfillment of your professional plans is concerned. Be careful however of hearsay which might temporarily damage your reputation in your work place. This is especially likely to happen towards the end of the week.

Your personal life will bring much more changes in comparison to the previous week. Many people will be eager to be around you which will bring some rather unexpected social contacts and new friendships.



Your professional life will bring much more dynamism in contrast to the previous week. You will be much more active, and you will be tasked with much more things. Being rested in a way from the recent period of low activity in the professional life, you will take on the new challenges with great fervor and energy.

Things in your personal life will be more subdued, and you might even not have the time and energy to pursuit many things in the personal life. This will especially be notable towards the end of the week, but your naturally good social skills will leave no one offended.



In comparison to the previous week, people will be more supportive and less critical of your work in your professional life. This can be seen from the more favorable positions of both Mercury and Saturn. The week will also bring a notable team success at your workplace. You will be a significant part of the team however.

Your personal life will bring less activity in terms of traveling, however you will still be rather joyful for being part of the number of social activities that will be happening locally. You will feel engaged, and the opinions that you will state will be respected like rarely before.



Your professional life will bring more surprises. People will not seem to be strongly moved into following your ideas at your workplace. Despite this, using your natural diplomatic and communication skills, you will be able to turn around your fortunes by the end of the week. At the very end of the week, you will likely be tasked with a rather complex and long term project which could potentially increase your earnings.

In your personal life, your social situation and especially the understanding of people for your own views and positions will improve judging by the positions of Mercury and Venus.



Things will be rather positive in your professional life. There will be a flurry of activities sometimes to the limit of your energy levels. Nevertheless, you will feel motivated to continue. The whole period will be one of notable importance for your professional life. Due to this, you should give it all you got.

Given the level of activity that will happen in your professional life, you will have little time and energy left for your personal life. Despite this, you will have the chance to meet a very interesting person in middle of the week. Given the position of Mercury, a long lasting friendship with them is likely.



The next week will bring a long awaited rise in recognition of your professional efforts. It seems judging by the position of Mercury that you will be rather surprised by this. The whole thing will happen rather suddenly and without much fanfare. Nevertheless, you will be rather glad that someone is finally taking notice. Be sure not to forget your hard work and effort as everything that will be given to you will be well deserved.

In your personal life, people will give you more room in way than in the previous weeks. You will finally have time to cater to your own needs in the way you have always wanted.



You will be moving in high gear during this time, where your professional life is concerned. It is as if you will capitalize on the momentum from the previous week. You will be rather sure in your plans and ideas, and you might seriously look for people which will understand them to your greatest satisfaction.

Romantically, things will open up, but you need to be less forgiving of people which will seem to come with the same demands to you. The waste of time and energy will not bring good things to you, so don’t be afraid to say no. It’s time to be stricter and more determined for a change.



The week that comes will be filled with rather large and demanding challenges in your professional life. It might even be the case of you being put to the test in some sort of way. You will initially enjoy this, but even with your natural energetic tendencies, you will find the whole thing rather tiring. The end of the week will bring more a more of a relaxing mood as the demands will lessen.

Your personal life will bring more experimentation, and you will be eager to try new things which you haven’t tried in the past and maybe even have dismissed. A new acquaintance is also likely to enter your life.



As far as the professional life goes, you will be filled with notable requests for your services. You might even be surprised by the sheer amount of interest in your work. The middle of the week will bring about a notable change in the sense of people finally realizing that what you do is valuable, and you might be even offered an increase in your pay.

Your personal life will be active than it was in the previous week, and you will be happy to know that there is ample time for you to rest and recharge yourself with energy. The week will also bring notable interests in spirituality, and you might try to increase your knowledge and experience in that direction.