In contrast to the more leisurely times in the past week, the next one will be filled with a lot activity in your professional life. You will have a great number of demands placed upon you, but you will manage to deal with them gracefully, thanks to you naturally high energy levels. The end of the week will also bring the start of an interesting challenge at your workplace. This will keep you occupied for a long time to come.

Your personal life will bring some notable reinvigoration of interests about a person from your past. This is to be seen from the specific position of Venus on the horoscope chart.



The next week will bring a continuation of the positive mood in your professional life that was typical of the past week. You will enjoy knowing that people around you will be very collegial, and they will be rather cooperative where the fulfillment of your professional plans is concerned. Be careful however of hearsay, which might temporarily damage your reputation in your work place. This is especially likely to happen towards the end of the week.

Your personal life will bring much more changes in comparison to the previous week. Many people will be eager to be around you, which will bring some rather unexpected social contacts and new friendships.



The easement of pressure will continue in the next week also in relation to your professional life. You will find this to be a welcomed change as you really need to catch your breath in a way after the massive amounts of happenings in the past few weeks. The easement of pressure upon you will leave you freer to pursue your wilder ideas and projects related to your professional goals.

In your personal life, you will have more time to be around your loved ones, and this will bring a notable amount of positive social energy around you. Also by the end of the week, you will get a notable invitation to an upscale gathering.



Things in your professional life will bring steady but significant progress towards your goals. The support from the people that matter at your workplace will still be there, and you will enjoy knowing this. Be careful of some people being envious of your apparent success and drive towards higher career positions. This is to be seen from the position of Mars and Saturn, which is notable especially during the start of the week.

Personally you will be strongly convinced in the rightness of your ways, and you might even be unapologetic. Romantically, things will be rather positive as there is a strong opportunity for meeting new and interesting people.



As the position of Jupiter has not changed significantly from the previous week, there will be still a notable interest in your work. You will be offered what seems like a great deal, but choose your dealing carefully. The week will also see the introduction of a new method of generating income with your work. It is likely that you will be successful with this method, but you should be less certain of the promises that will be thrown at you by others.

In contrast to the previous week, things will pick up pace in your personal life. This will be rather welcomed by you, as you will be longing for more activity in your personal life, simply as a way to complement the rather active nature of your professional life.



The positive and rather productive times in your professional life will repeat themselves especially towards the second part of the week. This is to be seen from the positions of both Jupiter and Saturn. The week will also bring more activity in relation to your professional renown. You might start working towards getting your work more known.

The personal life will be more or less separate from the happenings in your professional life, and people will be trying to entice you into following them in their social adventures. This is to be seen from the position of Mercury.



The next week will bring notable success in your professional life, as the position of Saturn remains very positive. You will also need to make your plans and ideas clear to your superiors, as it is very likely that you will have their attention. You should be careful of being overzealous in your expectations from teamwork at your work place. It will be best if you fight this battle alone.

Your personal life will bring increased stress in comparison to the previous week. This will be due to the rather unreasonable demands that a single person will have in regards to their relationship with you.



The large efforts which were required from you in the past will be slowly be replaced with more normal demands in your professional life. You will find enjoyment in the long-awaited normal environment, being glad that you can relax and plan your steps for the future. In the middle of the week, you will be invited to a notable event which will increase your professional prospects significantly.

The next week in your personal life will be in the spirit of meeting new faces and new people. It’s likely that an acquaintance of yours will do their best to introduce you to many new and interesting people.



The increased demand for you work will push your naturally high energy levels into overdrive. You will be glad to know that you will give everything you have. Earnings-wise, things will pay out for you very well, just be careful of simply overworking yourself. No earnings are worth more than your health. The very end of the week will bring a lessening of professional activities, which will bring you much needed rest.

Rather drained by the happenings in your professional life, you will have little energy left for the happenings in your personal life. However, you will still find the time to make a long standing plan materialize into reality.



The levels of stress will ease down in your professional life, but you will still be in way forced to work more than you desire. People will simply love to give you tasks regardless of your desire to do them. The end of week will however bring about some resolution of this situation as everyone will finally realize that you can only do so much, and as a result the stress on you will ease down.

Your personal life will in a way bring escape from the stress that will be typical for your professional environment during the next week. This will be rather important and quite beneficial for you, as it will allow you to recharge your energy levels.



In your professional life, your energy levels will increase in comparison to the previous week. Due to this, you will find the whole situation more enjoyable especially in terms of the demands at your workplace. The end of the week will also bring a notable, but short-term excursion from the usual happenings in your work place.

The week will be rather satisfying for you in your personal life. You will meet a lot of new faces and many of them will share your views and opinions. Likely a notable, long-term friendship will start during the next week. Your romantic life will also be rather rich and filled with activity.



In contrast to the previous week, things will be more dynamic in your professional life. You will have a lot of expectations for speeding up your work. You will achieve this, but with speed, the quality of your work might suffer. The end of the week will be filled with notable travels connected to your personal life. These travels will be rather successful given the position that Jupiter has.

The week will be one of notable friendships being formed in your personal life. Many people will also seek your company. On a spiritual level, you will start a long lasting quest which will eventually enrich your spiritual understanding greatly.